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Wilson And The War

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How were the views of France and the United Kingdom similar at the end of World War I?

They wanted Germany to be punished for the destruction caused during the war.

How did many Americans view President Wilson’s goal of establishing an international peacekeeping organization after World War I?

NOT THE ANSWER They opposed it because they feared that Wilson had made too many compromises in the Senate to get it passed.

President Wilson’s proposal to form the League of Nations was most weakened by

his illness while traveling to gain support.

At the end of World War I, President Wilson offended members of the US Senate by

excluding them from the peace process.

What was one of President Wilson’s Fourteen Points?

NOT THE ANSWER restoring the alliance system

What was Germany’s main goal after World War I?

to remain a world power

How did the Allies’ point of view affect Germany during the peace process after World War I?

Germans were angry about their harsh punishment.

The treaty that ended World War I but was rejected by the US Senate was called the Treaty of


What best describes why Germany felt the Treaty of Versailles was unfair?

The treaty did not honor earlier agreements about surrender.

How did Henry Cabot Lodge respond to the end of World War I?

He opposed the Treaty of Versailles and the League of Nations.

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