Wilson’s New Freedom

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Which piece of Progressive legislation did the Supreme Court declare unconstitutional?

the Keating-Owen Child Labor Act

The central bank of the United States is called the

Federal Reserve System.

According to Wilson, which of the following groups had too much power over the US economy and government?

big business

Which of the following best explains which Progressive reforms were most successful?

The financial reforms were most successful because they established lasting methods to protect free enterprise.

Progressives, such as Woodrow Wilson, supported financial reforms because they believed the nation’s financial system was overly controlled by

big business.

A way in which Progressives were successful in reforming the federal government was

reforming taxes.

A way in which Woodrow Wilson wanted to help average Americans was by

promoting free enterprise for the middle class.

Which group did Wilson most want to help during the first half of his term?


Wilson was unsuccessful in making lasting changes regarding

the hours and age at which children worked.

Woodrow Wilson’s progressive platform was known as the .

New Freedom

Which of the following Progressive causes was helped by US involvement in World War I?

women’s suffrage

How did Congress affect Wilson’s efforts to protect working women and children during the war?

Congress stopping working on Wilson’s progressive legislation.

A similarity between Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt was that both

believed monopolies were bad for the country.

The main purpose of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was to

oversee and regulate commercial banks.

Which of the following best states the purpose of Wilson’s anti-trust legislation?

to encourage free enterprise

Progressive reforms that sought to break up monopolies and limit their power were known as


Which of the following best defines a graduated income tax?

a tax in which higher earners pay more than lower earners

Wilson believed that high tariffs

prevented the US economy from growing.

According to Wilson, which of the following groups had too much power over the US economy and government?

big business

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