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Lego and Social Responsibility

Lego is a plastic toy manufacturing company owned by the Lego group. It makes pieces which can be assembled together to make different objects such as working robots, buildings and vehicles. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the day to day actions that companies undertake based on the evaluation of how …


Strategic Approach and Performance of the LEGO Organizations Background LEGO is a plastic toy manufacturing toy company that was founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Christiansen. Its headquarters are in Billund, Denmark. The company specializes in interlocking toy bricks since 1949 (Jensen, 2013, 544-548). Before, most of their toys were …

The Lego Group

The Lego Group is a family-owned Danish toy making company which has its headquarters in Billund, Denmark. It has slightly over 12000 employees worldwide. In terms of sales, the Lego Group is among the top five toy manufactures in the world. The company’s main focus is the Lego bricks. However, …


Lego, Sustainable Logistics, and Operations The main idea of JIT (Just in Time) production or lean one is its emphasis to eliminate waste from the manufacturing process. Lean production is all about doing more with less. This is in a shorter time, minimal inventory, space, labour, and other resources. Batch …


Lego Group Manufacturing Strategy The Usage of 3D Printing In the Brick Toys Manufacturing Economically, the implementation of the 3D printing ideologies minimizes both the production costs and the overall costs. The aspect is evident in the duration between the time of production and the time the manufactured products reach …

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Subjecto is a directory of written assignments for most levels and niches. Some time ago, we realized that most students struggle writing exemplary essays, and we joined hands to end this saddening reality. We searched the internet and our network to find academic pieces written by experienced writers and people whose expertise is strengthened by the fact that they’ve been involved in essay writing for many years.


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