Lego and Social Responsibility

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Lego is a plastic toy manufacturing company owned by the Lego group. It makes pieces which can be assembled together to make different objects such as working robots, buildings and vehicles. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the day to day actions that companies undertake based on the evaluation of how their actions affect the environment and community. There are several approaches that firms take to achieve CSR. For instance through corporate philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, cause-related marketing, social marketing and sustainability (Corporate Social Responsibility, Common Approaches to CSR).

Lego’s overall responsibility approach is to create a positive impact (Lego Group, 2018). It displays social responsibility towards the society, especially children, in many ways through donations, education programs and participation in solving crises in the community (Putting It Together: Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Social Responsibility). For instance, in 2018, it donated $100 million to Sesame Workshop to support millions of children that were affected by the Syrian and Rohingya crises.

Lego also uses an environmental sustainability approach through the use of environmental-friendly recyclable bags and boxes for packaging. Lego has a core goal of using sustainable materials in all its products and packaging by the year 2030. In 2008, it adopted the use of plant-based plastic in making packaging blisters. Lego bricks are also designed for reuse and handed down to generations. Lego Group has partnered with environmental ambassadors such as the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) with an aim of reducing carbon emissions to the environment during manufacturing and supply chain (Lego Group, 2018). It further enhances sustainability through the use of wind power which is a renewable source of energy.

Corporate social responsibility has helped Lego build a positive image that translates to increased profits, positive insights by the consumers and increased confidence by the shareholders. The firm was voted the best in maintaining corporate social responsibility beating companies such as Google and Microsoft.

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