Wiley Quiz Chapter 4

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the emergence of the internet has decreased the threats of information security


If you have copied a software package (computer program) from a friend without paying for it, you are guilty of software piracy.


Backup and recovery procedures are recommended only to safeguard against hardware/software failures.


An information system’s ____ is the likelihood that the system or resource will be compromised by a ____ that will result in its ____ to further attacks.

Vulnerability, threat, exposure

Low level employees pose the greatest threat to information security.


Which of the following is not a social engineering technique

A) None of the choices are social engineering techniques

B) Tailgating

C) Shoulder Surfing

D) Careless internet surfing

E) All of the choices are social engineering techniques

Careless internet surfing

You should regularly delete any spyware that might be residing on your computer, because it may be dangerous.


Which type of alien software uses your computer to send emails that look like they came from you to all the people in your address book?


Which of the following would be an example of a SCADA attack?

Computer viruses are introduced into the electrical company’s systems resulting in a shutdown of the power plant.

Whereas phishing attacks are ____ , denial of service attacks are ____.

remote attacks requiring user action, remote attacks requiring no user action

Risk management identifies, controls, and minimizes the impact of threats to the organization’s information security.


Which if the following is not a common risk mitigation strategy?

risk analysis

Which of the following statements is true?

A) Multifactor authentication systems are less reliable and less expensive than single-factor.

B) Multifactor authentication systems are more reliable and less expensive than single-factor.

C) Multifactor authentication systems are more reliable and more expensive than single-factor.

D) Multifactor and single-factor authentications have the same degree of reliability.

Multifactor authentication systems are more reliable and more expensive than single-factor.

____________ is an encryption standard used for secure transactions such as credit card processing and online banking.


_____ can be used to create strong passwords that are easy to remember.


What organization is the top level coordinator of IP addresses and AS numbers?


porters 5 intermediation


In an e-credit card transaction, the clearinghouse plays the following role:

Validates and verifies the seller’s payment information

which does not have GPS


The advantages of RFID tags to Staples include all of the following except:

reduced transaction costs at checkout

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