Wildlife Issues Topics 14-16

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In 2001, hunters in Georgia were allowed to kill _______ bucks.


Across the US most bow hunting seasons are separate from gun seasons.


Whitetailed deer have become pests in parts of the US.

15 acre plots

Wildlifers estimated the number of natural deer deaths in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan by counting carcasses in


_______is an organization that is totally opposed to sport hunting.


Each year the number of hunters in the US increases.

mourning doves

_________________ is a species in which both males and females are harvested because the two sexes cannot be distinguished in the field.


The FWC divided the state into __ management zones.

the Arctic

Subsistence hunting is still practiced in


Most state wildlife agencies argue that hunting mortality is


In Idaho, about ____ of the people actually buy hunting license each year.


The _________________ act passed in 1937 generated revenue for game and non-game management.


Hunters in the state of _________ may kill deer legally with hand-thrown spears.

less than 2%

In Florida ________ of the people actually buy a hunting license each year.


A basic (as opposed to deluxe) elk hunting trip to Colorado could wind up costing a person around


During the winter of 20002001 about ____________________ whitetailed deer died in the Upper Peninsual in Michigan.


In the fall/winter of 2000 hunters in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan killed about __________ deer.


Wildlifers and hunters tend to think that most mortality in game populations is


With __________ the majority of males are "surplus" in the sense that they do not need to breed in order to maintain population growth.

moose tag, a hunting license, and a moose trophy fee

A nonCanadian hunter that kills a bull moose in the Canadian Province of Yukon would have to purchase a


The socalled Buck Law might be effective in allowing for a harvest without reducing the population growth rate, if the species involved has a ______________mating system.


The state of Colorado is subdivided into _________ big game management units.


The possession limit for whitetailed deer in Georgia is (2001 season)


Sharptailed Grouse were introduced to the lower peninsula of Michigan.


Jack Pines tend to grow on _________ soil.


Wildlifers call the degree of patchiness in a landscape the


Increased _______ of a habitat patch leads to improved predator access to that patch.


Species that belong to the same genus are called

ruffed grouse

The _______________ is a game bird that lives in densely forested habitats of Michigan.


The term "Evil Quartet" was first used in conversation by

small patches

Local (patch-wide) extinctions were higher in


Grouse belong to the order


When Europeans first arrived in what is now the state of Michigan, there were roughly _______ square miles of prairie habitat.

Rufous-sided Towhee

The _____________________ is an example of a species of songbird that thrives in edge habitat.


Ring-necked Pheasants thrive in


_______________ is not one of the four members of the Evil Quartet.

higher levels of interspersion.

Bobwhite Quail populations, for example, should benefit from

Lawrence’s Warbler

The _____________________ is actually a second or third generation hybrid.


Prairie chickens are today (2007) found __________ in Michigan.

support smaller populations

Species in fragments of habitat have higher extinction rates partly because smaller fragments

increase certain game bird populations

Increase in "edge of patch" may

goldenwinged warbler

The ____________________ is an example of a species closely related to the blue-winged warbler that lives chiefly in successional habitats.

sharptailed grouse

When artificial prairies gave way to open shrub lands and mixed grassland the _______________________ replaced the prairie chicken.

ringnecked pheasant

The ______________________ is perhaps the most abundant game bird in Michigan today.

annual grasses

Following the Lake Mack fire in northern Michigan, the first plants to re-colonize the area were


______________ wrote a book called "Where have all the birds gone?" which details the decline of many species of Neotropical migrant birds following tropical deforestation.


________________ Warblers are hybrids formed by a direct cross between a Goldenwinged and Blue winged Warblers.


Before the Europeans arrived, the southeastern half of Michigan was dominated by


Prairie chickens were found nearly statewide in Michigan by the

Wood Thrush

The ________________ is an example of a forest interior species that does not occur in wood lots below a certain size.

the upper peninsula

The sharp-tailed grouse naturally invaded _______________________ of Michigan.

Brownheaded Cowbirds, snow geese, and Canada geese

__________________________________________ are wildlife species that has increased due to the effects of farming.


Environmental problems from chemicals used in farming are limited to pesticides.


The Montana Department of Livestock wants all wild bison that enter Montana from Yellowstone NP to be

New Jersey

In the late 1990s the Dead Zone was roughly the size of


Bioaccumulation, as once seen in Peregrine Falcons, is the negative effect caused by


The blackbuck antelope is native to


Cattle growers in Montana fear that wild bison might transmit ______________ to their cattle.


Presently _____ of BLM managed lands are grazed by privately owned herds of livestock.


_____of western public rangelands are managed by the BLM and US Forest Service.


Of the big game species in the west, the ________ are most likely to compete with cattle and sheep.


Spontaneous miscarriages can result from _______________ infections in domestic cattle.


The "Dead Zone" is a region of ___________ water.


Species that require dissolved __________ cannot live in the Dead Zone.

peregrine falcon

Eggshell thinning was a problem for the ______________________ during the 1950s and 1960s.

favor the invasion of nonindigenous plants

The bare ground that comes from overgrazing can


Selenium poisoning is a problem for water birds especially in farming areas of


Native Americans in the Yellowstone region oppose the harvest of buffalo that stray from Yellowstone National Park.

260 million

The US public owns about ________________ acres of rangelands in the 11 western states.


At least 10 species of __________ have been introduced to New Zealand for recreational hunting.


In Thailand, some people want to ranch ___________ for their body parts.


The __________ is a bird on the big island of Hawaii that was negatively impacted by grazing.


Blackbuck Antelope are now established in the wild in the state of


The socalled "Dead Zone" in the Gulf of Mexico is the result of runoff of

water extraction for farming

Fisheries in the Aral Sea collapsed due to


The ___________ Protocol, signed by the Reagan Administration banned the production of Methyl Bromide.

mule deer herd

Chronic Wasting Disease is a growing problem in the _______________ of the western US.


Water with no dissolved oxygen at all is called

methyl bromide

________________________ is the chemical once used by Florida tomato growers that has been found to be harmful to the ozone layer.

US Forest Service

Publicly owned range lands are mostly managed by the BLM and the

crested caracara

The _____________________ is a native bird species that apparently can coexist with ranching in south Florida.


__________________ is a disease of domestic sheep and possibly wild bighorn sheep.

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