US History Articles of Confederation

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What is the role of the state governments under the Articles of Confederation?

The confederacy is a "league of friendship" among the states for: -common defense -securing their liberties -their shared welfare -they will protect each other from attack.

What specific things can the state governments NOT do, according to the Articles of Confederation?

-send an embassy of make an alliance or treaty with another country -accept presents, offices, or titles from another country -make treaties between states -engage in war w/o consent of Congress.

What are the responsibilities of states under the Articles of Confederation?

-send 2-7 delegates each year to meet in Congress -one vote -keep a well regulated/disciplined militia -respect the decisions of the U.S. -no changes to Articles unless agreed upon.

What are the specific powers of Congress?

-wage war and peace -send and receive ambassadors -enter into treaties/alliances -determine how much money Congress needs and appropriate it -borrow money -build/equip a navy -arrange to develop any army based on quotas from each state -never act on these without consent of at least 9 states.

How are delegates selected for Congress?

State legislatures can be selected the way each state wants but must be done once a year prior to the annual meeting of Congress on the first Monday of November.

What is the process for voting resolutions in Congress?

9 states must agree in order to Congress to act.

What is the procedure by which Congress was to raise funds?

Costs of war or other national expenses will be paid from a "common treasury." Each state will pay into the treasury in proportion to the value of that land in the state.

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