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Egypt became a(n) _________ colony in 1882.


The United States and Soviet Union kept building up the nuclear arsenal because _______ knew how many bombs the other had.


In _______, the Soviet Union managed to detonate its first atomic bomb.


The construction of the Suez Canal was a joint effort between _____.

France and Egypt

The United States backed out of financially helping Egypt build _____.

a dam

an accusation or implication over some alleged wrongdoing


to censure or discriminate against a person


to continue a forceful action without stopping


in law, the first decision of its kind


a person or situation that causes hostility within a group


In 1958, President Eisenhower sent troops to _____ to stabilize their pro-Western government.


What did President Eisenhower do after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Brown v. Board of Education in 1954?

He insisted that all schools truly be separate but equal.

Eisenhower got to hang out with several famous American military heroes. Which of the following was not one of them?

Teddy Roosevelt

Which of the following international issues occurred during the Eisenhower administration?

Suez Crisis, pro-Western Lebanon, U-2 spy plane incident

a part of something such as a person’s personality or certain objects


the act of celebrating or taking pleasure in something


the awareness or consciousness of the mind


the start or arrival of something important


Which of the following movies was not famous during the 1950s?

West Side Story

What made it possible for daily programs to appear on television?

Televisions became affordable

Chuck Berry

Johnny B. Goode

The Platters

The Great Pretender

Jerry Lee Lewis

Great Balls of Fire

Little Richard


Buddy Holly and the Crickets

Peggy Sue

Nat King Cole

Route 66

Which of the items below were invented during the 1950s?

Velcro, saran wrap, liquid paper

Most cities across the country required people to build and maintain fallout shelters.


Before the Hungarian revolution, the nation was part of the _____ and wanted out.

warsaw pact

The New Mexico city of _____ was near the site of the first nuclear explosion in world history.


The acronym M.A.D. stood for _____.

Mutually Assured Destruction

The term _______ is the act of greatly increasing something.


The CIA succeeded in overthrowing the governments of which two nations during the 1950s?

Guatemala and Iran

What two important military appointments were given to Eisenhower?

Supreme Commander of NATO forces in Europe Supreme Commander of Allied forces in Europe

Dwight Eisenhower’s first political office was that of _____.


The "Little Rock Nine" incident occurred in the state of _____.


Which Cold War incident broke off important talks between Eisenhower and Khrushchev in 1960?

U-2 spy plane

The House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) was run by _____.

Joseph McCarthy

Which of the following noteworthy books were written during the 1950s?

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway

Which of the following performers was not killed in a 1959 plane crash?

Waylon Jennings

The was just one of many new items to hit the market during the 1950s.

TV remote control

Which of the following were popular television shows in the 1950s?

The Lone Ranger I Love Lucy The Red Skelton Show

Which of the following people was not a famous TV star from the 1950s?

Gloria Swanson

to wipe out or destroy something


to provide tangible form to an abstract thing


a tendency to be easily swayed or influenced


At 43, John Kennedy was the nation’s youngest elected president.


John Kennedy was born in Brookline, __________


During World War II, Kennedy commanded a _____.

PT boat

John Kennedy sent foreign aid to Latin American nations during his administration. How would this combat Communism in those countries?

It made friends with Latin American leaders and It made foreign nations more likely to ally with the U.S.

the first American satellite

Explorer 1

the first American to go into space

John Glenn

launched the first animal into space

Sputnik 2

sent the first man into space

Vostok 1

the first moon probe

Luna 2

launched the first woman into space

Soviet Union

Which of the following elected positions did Kennedy hold in his lifetime?

US rep and President

to avoid a dangerous or harmful situation


a total and complete disaster or failure


to isolate a person or nation from the rest of the world


Fidel Castro sparked a revolution in Cuba that ended the leadership of _____.

Fulgencio Batista

What gave the U.S. government an idea that a CIA-backed coup would work against Castro?

Officials believed Cuban peasants disliked Castro.

What are two reasons the Bay of Pigs invasion failed miserably?

The United States failed to provide adequate support and Castro found out about the invasion before it occurred

How did the U.S. respond to Castro taking over American businesses located in Cuba after the revolution?

It imposed a trade embargo against Cuba

Why couldn’t the U.S. run a blockade in response to Russia sending nuclear missiles to Cuba?

A blockade was considered an act of war.

________ was allegedly killed by ________ who, in turn, was killed by ________ .

John Kennedy Lee Harvey Oswald Jack Ruby

Shortly after Lyndon Johnson became president, American society exploded into a cauldron of movements, riots, protests, and war.


Kennedy chose Johnson as his running mate to help secure the Northern vote.


President Lyndon Johnson was from the state of _____.


Which of the following were parts of President Johnson’s "Great Society" programs?

Elementary and Secondary Education Act Medicare and Medicaid

Malcolm X

Civil Rights

Timothy Leary


Jerry Rubin

Radical groups

Stokely Carmichael

Black Panthers

Tom Hayden


Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem were among a group of women who challenged perceived sexist societal standards and _________.

gender inequalities

Which of the following cannot be found in Lyndon Johnson’s political resume?


"Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better." This was said by:

Martin Luther King

Members of Congress signed the "Southern Manifesto" to ______.

express their opposition to the Brown ruling

Malcolm X ______.

rejected philosophy of nonviolence was assassinated in 1965

Which activist initiated the idea of Black Power to describe a more radical approach to civil rights?

Stokely Carmichael

1. Birmingham
2. Washington, D.C.
3. Selma
4. Watts
5. Little Rock
6. Montgomery

1. Demonstrations, boycotts, and sit-ins took place here. 2. Martin Luther King’s "I Have a Dream" speech was made here. 3. Police attacked peaceful marchers outside this city. 4. Terrible riots took place here in 1965. 5. Students tried to integrate a school 6. Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat.

very poor or terrible conditions


the act of deliberately making a person angry


a statement or evidence that would prove a person’s innocence


a statement that incriminates another person


marriage between people of different races


La Raza Unida

political party

What was the goal of the farm labor movement?

achieve better working conditions for farm workers

In Reynolds v. Sims, the Supreme Court ruled that ______.

state legislative districts must be equal in population

Lucy v. Adams

universities to admit all students regardless of their race

Loving v. Virginia

interracial marriages allowed

Engel v. Vitale

prayer not allowed in public schools

Miranda v. Arizona

police have to read rights to people

Cooper v. Aaron

states have to obey the Supreme Court

Brown v. Board

desegregation of public schools

to commit suicide by burning oneself


in political terms, a formal decision to undertake some action


a solid, strong, or loyal commitment to something


to gradually lessen in quality, power, or intensity


What did the United States hope to achieve with the air war?

North Vietnam would stop supporting the insurgency in South Vietnam. The morale in South Vietnam would increase.

What was the U.S.S. Maddox doing in the Gulf of Tonkin prior to the August 2 attack?

She was on an intelligence mission.

The National Liberation Front was led by Communists and supported by

North Vietnam

Who controlled South Vietnam after Diem’s overthrow?

Duong Van Minh

the act of doing or saying something disrespectfully without shame


When the Communists were able to come and go with impunity, that meant they were doing something disrespectfully without shame.


Morley Safer’s 1965 television report showed American forces _____.

setting fire to a Vietnamese village

Each week, newscasts announced the _____.

body count of the enemy and U.S. forces who were killed

From this lesson, some people believe that television coverage of the Vietnam War may have _____.

eroded public support for the war

Two of the first major ground battles of the Vietnam War were at:

Chu Lai Ia Drang Valley

According to the lesson, some Americans felt the news media became critical of the Vietnam War effort following .

Tet offensive

The events at Central High School show that _____.

many white Southerners opposed integration

Thurgood Marshall _____.

was a lawyer for the NAACP was the first black justice of the Supreme Court

A black woman, ______ , refused to give up her seat to a white passenger, setting off the Montgomery bus boycott.

Rosa Parks

The purpose of Freedom Rides was to _____.

see if a mandate outlawing segregated interstate bus facilities was being enforced

What was a goal of the Asian American Movement?

create Asian-American Studies courses in universities

What issues prompted the Native American Civil Rights Movement?

the recognition of treaty rights Native American self-government

What were the goals of La Raza Unida?

obtain better housing and jobs for Mexican Americans provide bilingual education in public schools improve education of children of migrant workers

In what case did the Supreme Court rule that confessions cannot be introduced as evidence unless they were offered after police advised the suspect of his or her legal rights?

Miranda v. Arizona

What group launched anti-Diem protests in South Vietnam during the summer of 1963 that included street demonstrations and hunger strikes?


What happened to Ngo Dinh Diem and his brother Nhu?

They were killed in a military coup

Why was it difficult for American ground forces to clear areas of guerrillas?

The guerrillas fled while the ground forces were in their area. The North Vietnamese guerrillas were more capable fighters.

Who began plotting a coup to overthrow Ngo Dinh Diem?

South Vietnamese generals

Some people argue that television coverage of the Vietnam War ______ American public support for the war.


The taking-out of material that may offend others is called _____.


During the Vietnam War, journalists _____.

accepted the U.S. government’s justification for the war called the military’s press briefings "five o’clock follies"

The chief physicist in charge of the Manhattan Project was _____.

J. Robert Oppenheimer

The first nuclear explosion in history had the code name of _____.


Which three nations attacked Egypt during the Suez Crisis of 1956?

France, England, Israel

McCarthyism was an overzealous attempt to destroy ______ in America.


The German scientist, ______ , is considered the father of the American space program.

Wernher von Braun

The U.S. was tempted to help France fight the Communists in this country in the 1950s.


This individual broke the color barrier in professional sports during the 1950s.

Jackie Robinson

What famous singer did Sam Phillips discover?

Elvis Presley

What famous government film was aimed at school-age children to teach them what to do in the event of a nuclear attack?

Duck and Cover

The Pulitzer Prize-winning book "Profiles in Courage" was written by President _____.

John Kennedy

Which American president said in his inaugural address, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country"?

John Kennedy

Which of the following conditions ended the Cuban Missile Crisis?

The United States had to give up its missiles in Turkey Russia agreed to remove all their missiles from Cuba. America had to promise not to ever invade Cuba.

The United States placed nuclear missiles in this country, causing Russia to place some in Cuba.


Which of the following was a botched attempt to overthrow Castro?

Bay of Pigs

What three options did Kennedy’s staff consider as a response to Soviet missiles headed to Cuba?

conduct a military invasion take out all of the missile sites run a blockade or quarantine

The ____ Civil Rights Act made most forms of racial segregation illegal in the United States.


Who were two of the prominent civil rights activists during the early part of the 1960s?

Rosa Parks Martin Luther King

Who were the Little Rock Nine?

students who sought to integrate Central High School

In Brown v. Board of Education, the Supreme Court _____.

declared segregation in public schools unconstitutional

What group fought for the recognition of treaty rights?

Native Americans

The Supreme Court ruled in Miranda v. Arizona that _____.

police must inform suspects of their rights before questioning

Why did policymakers in the Johnson administration want to continue U.S. involvement in Vietnam?

They did not want to lose South Vietnam to Communism

In the United States, who has the power to declare war?


The first group of Americans sent by President Eisenhower to assist the South Vietnamese against Communist forces were:

military advisors

What was the continuous air campaign begun by the United States in March 1965?

Operation Rolling Thunder

The famous music festival at _____ ended the decade of the 1960s.


Gamal Abdel Nasser


Leonid Brezhnev

Soviet Union

Lyndon Johnson

United States

Ho Chi Minh

North Vietnam

Mao Zedong

Red China

Which of the following nations are members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)?

Saudi Arabia and Venezuela

In the late 1960s, Mao Zedong established diplomatic relations with the United States since the Soviet Union and China were at odds. In response, the Soviet Union became better acquainted with America. In a paragraph of 125+ words, explain why the Soviet Union suddenly wanted to become better "friends" with the United States just because China had.

One reason is that the Soviet Union would not want the United States and China to team up against them. If this would happen, United States and China could easily beat Soviet Union in war. Also, China and the Soviet were on the same side in the first place, so in order to stay on good terms with each other it only made sense to also be on the same side of the United States.

In Vietnam, Tet was a holiday. What was celebrated during this time?

Vietnamese New Year

During the Vietnam War, the worst incident of American atrocities occurred at ______.

My Lai

One of the Black Power movement’s most outspoken people, _____ , was a socialist whose gun was used to kill a judge.

Angela Davis

______ was a close friend of Martin Luther King. He took over the Southern Christian Leadership Conference after King’s death

Ralph Abernathy

The first televised presidential debate was between _____.

Kennedy and Nixon

What are some reasons why the musical, Hair, was so controversial?

It contained nudity and profanity. It included an integrated cast.

The Beatles made their American debut on the _____ Show.

Ed Sullivan

The _____ Program was designed to land a man on the moon.


Astronaut John Glenn was the first American to _____.

orbit the earth

To Kill a Mockingbird was written by _____ and dealt with race relations.

Harper Lee

This Indian leader was an instrumental influence on Martin Luther King and his nonviolent protest movement.

Mohandas Gandhi

Which civil rights protest in 1965 resulted in an incident known as Bloody Sunday?

Selma, Alabama, March

Tom Hayden, author of the Port Huron Statement, was one of the founding members of this student protest organization.


During the Vietnam Era, males who were too young to _____ could potentially be drafted into the military.


What became the "big stage" for the anti-war movement in 1968?

Democratic National Convention

_____ supported U.S. involvement in Vietnam and thought that the U.S. should do whatever was necessary to achieve victory.


Robert McNamara’s change in policy regarding the war was influenced by a defense study that found that _____.

the U.S. bombing of North Vietnam had been ineffective

In Walter Cronkite’s post-Tet report, he supported _____.

a negotiated end to the war

Which 1968 Democratic primary candidate was assassinated?

Robert Kennedy

President _____ vowed to send a man to the moon by the end of the 1960s.


This astronaut uttered the famous words, "That’s one small step for man. One giant leap for mankind."

Neil Armstrong

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