US History 1970s

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Which of the following reflects Nixon’s negative attitude toward "big" government

his proposal for revenue sharing with the states

Nixon’s southern strategy involved

criticizing court-ordered busing of school children

Nixon believed that exectuive privilege

justified his refusal to turn over his taped conversations

Why do you think Ford made this speech immediately after gaining the presidency

Nixon’s scandal shook the public’s trust in government

Richard Nixon believed that

Americans had tired of the "big government" of Johnson’s Great Society

Nixon’s establishment of "new federalism"

gave federal money to states to fund social programs

Which group did Nixon target during his presidency to expand his base of support

blue-collar workers

In the case of US v. Nixon the Supreme Court ruled that

executive privilege protected Nixon from having to go to trial

What was a result of Nixon’s resignation

Many Americans lost trust in government officials

Which statement is true about Jimmy Carter

He had a reputation for hard work and inegrity

Which critical event affected both the Ford and Carter presidencies

the energy crisis

During his presidency, Gerald Ford

faced high inflation, skyrocketing prices, and rising unemployment

What happened in the 1974 congressional election

The public showed their disapproval of Nixon’s pardon

Jimmy Carters response to the nations oil crisis was to

call on Americans across the country to conserve oil

During the 1970s why did the population of the US change

Many immigrants arrived from Latin America and Asia

Religious conservatives in 1970s

began to form alliances with other conservatives

President Ford’s policy toward the Soviet Union focused on

continuing to pursue detente

President Carter’s response to the Soveit Union’s invasion of Afghanistan in 1070 was to

impose sanctions on the Soveit Union

From what country did Carter withdraw US support of a dictator during a leftist rebellion


Carter’s greatest foreign policy achievement was the

signing of the Camp David Accords

What was an important consequence of the Iran hostage crisis

Threats posed by Middle East conflicts became a major foregin policy challenge

Which of the following is a tenent of the Helsinki Accords

European borders existing before WWII

The Helsinki Accords were endorsed by Ford and which Soviet leader

Leonid Brezhnev

When Gerald Ford left the office of president

the nations economy had worsened during his presidency

Early in his presidency, many of the bills that Carter submitted to Congress

passed only with his own party’s major changes

What is one way in which American society changed during the 1970s

the nations divorce rate increased significantly

Relations between the US and Soviet Union cooled during the late 1970s because of the

Soviet invasion of Afghanistan

What was the Mariel boatlift

a migration of people from Cuba to the US

What did Egypt agree to do in order to achieve peace with ISrael

formally recognize the nation of Israel

a period of recession and inflation


put European nations on record in favor of human rights

Helsinki Accrods

to officially forgive




took power in Iran in 1979

Ayatollah Khomeini

a plan to help African Americans overcome past discrimination

affirmative action

cast himself as a fresh face to win the presidency

Jimmy Carter

succeeded Nixon as president

Gerald Ford

established procedures for presidential succession

twenty-fifth amendment

scandal that caused Nixon’s resgination


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