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How did the American Federation of Labor view strikes?

They embraced strikes as an effective way to make gains for workers.

What can be concluded about the demise of the Knights of Labor?

The public wanted a more moderate approach to labor issues.

How might the Knights of Labor have developed if its members had admitted belonging to the union?

Development would have suffered because many of the workers would have been fired.

Which characteristic of the American Federation of Labor might make it more appealing to workers with families?

Striking workers received benefits and support.

Which was a consequence of the Haymarket Square Riot?

eroded support for the Knights of Labor

Which type of economic system was favored by small business owners?

free market

Which of the following can be said about labor movements by the end of the 19th century?

They had successfully organized skilled workers into unions.

Which of the following was used against unions?

Sherman Anti-Trust Act

In the economy of Nation A, natural laws of economics such as supply and demand completely control the economy with no interference from government. This is an example of a

market economy

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