UNT History 2610 Quiz 13

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What effect did the Civil War have on the economy of the North?

Production, efficiency, and jobs all increased.

On what basis did the Emancipation Proclamation justify the abolition of slavery?

Military grounds

Secession by the first seven states created anxiety for northern textile manufacturers because they feared

The permanent loss of the cotton crop.

What was the Enrollment Act of March 1863?

Enlistment in military service was required.

What consequence would secession have for the relationship between whites and blacks in the South?

Whites would gain total control over blacks.

When Union forces took control of Atlanta, Georgia, it

cut the South in two and ensured its defeat.

What did the Thirteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution achieve?

The abolition of slavery and involuntary servitude.

What effect did the presence of Union troops in the South have on slaves?

It offered them hope and the taste of freedom.

What developments forced the South to industrialize during the Civil War?

The war forbade trade with the North for goods.

General Robert E. Lee was motivated to attack Union forces in Pennsylvania because he

had defeated a Union force twice the size of his own in Virginia.

How did most Northerners respond to Lincoln’s call for war?

They rushed to support the president and the war effort.

What experience turned many Union soldiers into abolitionists?

Witnessing slavery firsthand throughout the South

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