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Which of these most contributed to the economic boom of the early 1920s?

increased consumerism

What was the short-term effect of the introduction of installment plans on the U.S. economy?

The economy grew rapidly as consumers spent more and more money.

What was one result of advertisements like this one during the early 1920s? (A large billboard reads, 50 foot lots here. $745 and up. Easy terms. Tatum Bros. Company, owners and developers. 150-154 E. Flagler St. Miami. The poles holding up the billboard say Ocean Front, Riparian Rights, Protective Restrictions, Pure Water, Electric Lights, and Paved Streets. )

Florida experienced a land boom encouraged by speculation.

Which conclusion is supported by this image? (Advertisement that shows a car with the words, Never before such beauty and quality for so little money. A woman in the drivers seat is being handed some bags from a bellhop. Two other women sit in the back of the car. There are smaller pictures of other automobiles with different features. The prices are shown for each model and are between $455 and $585. )

low prices made automobiles available to many Americans

Which trend during the 1920s does this image reflect?
An illustrated advertisement or a General Electric All-Steel Refrigerator shows pictures of the refrigerator open and closed. The top of the page states "General Electric presents the first All-steel Refrigerator. A new small-family model at the very low price of $215 with conveniently spaced payments."

the growth of the advertising industry

Which of the following was a goal of the Harding administration?

balancing the national budget

During the 1920s, what was the goal of the United States’ tariffs?

protect U.S. businesses from competition

Which area of the economy benefited from the policies of the Harding administration?

domestic businesses

Which industry suffered from overproduction during the early 1920s?


How did the introduction of the assembly line affect Ford’s factory workers?

Workers had easier jobs and shorter hours.

The introduction of which of the following most contributed to declining automobile prices during the 1920s?

assembly lines

What was the long-term effect of speculation on Florida?

Many people could no longer afford to live there.

Which conclusion does the political cartoon best support?A drawing of a teapot is superimposed over the Earth. In this image, the teapot has a face that looks like an elephant, and his nose is represented by a spout. Under the teapot are the words Teapot Dome Naval Oil Reserves

The public blamed politicians in general for the Teapot Dome Scandal.

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