Stress Management Ch 5, 6, 7, 8

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An intrapersonal matter is between

you and you

Being malnourished means you

eat either too little or too much

Examples of foods high in saturated fats would include

Red meat, Butter, Whole Milk, All of the choices are correct.

Self-imposed starvation is known as

Anorexia Nervosa

Food substances that produce a stress‑like response are known as

both pseudostressors and sympathomimetics.

Examples of sympathomimetics include all the following, except

coffee, chocolate, nicotine, All the choices would be examples

A deficiency in B complex and Vitamin C can result in which condition?

anxiety, insomnia, muscular weakness, all of these

A condition in which bones become weak and brittle and the sufferer is at an increased risk for fractures is known as


A condition of low blood sugar is known as


All of the following can be an effect of noise, except

headaches, anxiety, muscle tension, All the choices are correct.

Noise that helps you relax and also drowns out other sounds that may interfere with relaxation is called

white noise

A word that is the focus of meditation is called

a mantra

The presence of significant others with whom one can discuss stressors is called

social support

Daily interactions that are essentially negative are known as


Positive events that make us feel good are known as


According to Lazarus,

daily hassles are more harmful than significant life changes

It is possible to eliminate all stress from your life.


Diets high in saturated fats increase the amount of cholesterol in the blood.


An overemphasis on dieting can itself be unhealthy.


Some diets are unhealthy and can lead to even more stress.


Eating disorders are more prevalent in Western culture where food is plentiful and feminine attractiveness is associated with thinness.


Chronic stress can deplete the absorption of vitamins that we take into our bodies.


Stress can interfere with calcium absorption in the intestines.


Lazarus perceived stress to be a function of

Demands exceeding resources

Activities to prevent a stressor from resulting in negative consequences are known as


Interpretation of a stressor is known as

Cognitive appraisal

After a life situation is perceived as stressful, what occurs next?

Emotional arousal

In the stress model, emotional reaction leads to

Physiological arousal

All of the following are examples of physiological arousal except

Feeling overwhelmed

An unhealthy roadblock might consist of

misdirected anger, illicit drugs, ignoring"gut feelings" All the choices are correct

Which of the following is an example of eustress?

These are all examples of eustress

Stress that results in negative consequences such as decreased performance growth is called


Which of the following would be an example of taking control?

communicating directly with the person who has upset you, seeking a solution to a problem you have created, practicing relaxation techniques, All of the above

Outcome efficacy is a form of appraisal

Regarding the ability of others

Incomplete stress management programs teach participants only one or just a few stress management techniques


The goal with stress management is to eliminate all of your stress


You are in much greater control over yourself than you may realize


Managing stress is an exercise in understanding which part of the stressor is controllable


Trying very hard to control stress will create stress


Lazarus’ idea of task-oriented coping and emotion-focused coping do NOT require an appraisal of demand


Primary appraisal is the determination of resources available to manage a stressor or threat


Taking notes from a text book to prepare for an exam is an example of emotion-focused


Coping is a necessary function of managing demands


Self-efficacy is the perception of confidence in the ability to meet a demand


Expressing yourself and satisfying your own needs, feeling good about this, and not hurting others in the process is known as

assertive behavior

Seeking to dominate or to get your own way at the expense of others is known as

aggressive behavior

Sacrificing your own needs or wants to meet someone else’s needs or wants is known as

nonassertive behavior

Aggressive nonverbal communication would include which of the following?

leaning forward, with glaring eyes, clenching fists, hands placed on hips and head-wagging, All the choices are correct.

Relating your feelings regarding another person’s behavior is which component of the DESC form?


Paraphrasing a speaker’s words and feelings is known as

both active and reflective listening.

Which of the following is true about nonverbal body language?

it s is easy to misinterpret, it can be a primary mode of communication, it can be limited to eye contact, All the choices are true.

All of the following are true about "I" statements, except

when we use "I," we are avoiding directed criticism.

The first step of selective awareness is to

recognize positive and negative elements.

What often prevents us from experiencing life fully is

the routine of daily experiences, sensory overload, going too fast, all of these

Humor has been shown to

improve tolerance of pain, decrease stress response, improve functioning of immune system, do all of these

Which of the following is not a characteristic of Type A behavior?


A behavior pattern that is not excessively competitive, with no free-floating hostility and no sense of time urgency, is called

Type B

Researchers have developed two components of Type A behavior that appear to operate in opposing directions. These two components are

impatience/irritability and achievement striving

How highly you regard yourself is known as


The perception that one has little control over events that affect one’s life is known as

external locus of control

The belief that one is either the victim of circumstances or the master of circumstances, each of which is erroneous, is known as

co-creator perception deficiency

An unrealistic fear that manifests itself in physiological arousal and is accompanied by the behavioral signs of escape or avoidance is


Anxiety that is either temporary in nature or specific to a particular stimulus is known as

state anxiety

A general sense of anxiety not specific to a particular stimulus is known as

trait anxiety

Feelings of terror that strike suddenly and repeatedly with no warning is known as

panic disorder

If you are having a panic attack, which of the following will most likely occur?

Your heart will pound, You will feel sweaty, You will feel weak, All the choices are equally likely to occur.

A feeling of intense and disabling self-consciousness with an intense and persistent feeling of being watched, judged, and evaluated in a negative manner is called

social phobia

An intense fear of something that poses little or no actual danger is known as a(n)

specific phobia

Either imagining or encountering an anxiety-provoking stimulus while practicing relaxation is known as

systematic desensitization

A method of coping with anxiety that consist of examining irrational beliefs is known as

ABCDE technique

A state of mind and body that includes three factors: commitment, control, and challenge, is known as


Self-efficacy is the personal belief that the self

can be successful

Studies have shown that self-efficacy plays a role in

academic stress levels, life satisfaction, occupational stress, all of these

Which of the following are techniques for managing anxiety?

environmental planning, self-talk, thought stopping, all of these

We may not be able to choose a situation, but we can choose how we perceive the situation


Control and responsibility go hand in hand


Phobias are irrational fears


Anxiety only has a cognitive (thought) component


Progressive relaxation and autogenic training are relaxation techniques directed toward cognitive stress


Cognitive restructuring is not an effective technique for fear reduction or coping


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