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Stress is the body’s automatic physical reaction to real or imagined forces.


What are the key signs of stress affecting mental health?

If one has a constant state of alertness and anxiety, then they may have stress that is affecting their mental health. In many cases, due to the prolonged exposure to stress, the fight-or-flight response has been on for too long, leading to exhaustion due to increased levels of hormones, which may lead to depression.

Stress can affect the circulatory system by causing headaches, heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes.


Stress has an effect on every system of the body.


Compare and contrast eustress with distress.

Eustress gives people bursts of energy when something exciting happens. It is a short-term effect, where distress can be either short-term or long-term, depending on the duration of exposure to the stressor. Eustress is positive and motivational and inspires individuals to get things done. Distress can be chronic and negative, especially in instances of physical or mental trauma. Distress usually occurs when disruptions are made to a normal routine.

Change in diet, sleep patterns, and routine are all __________ signs of stress.

D. behavioral

What are the features of general adaptation syndrome?

The three steps in the general adaptation syndrome are alarm, resistance, and exhaustion. Alarm is the fight-or-flight response. Your hormones surge, breathing becomes rapid and shallow, glucose is released, your heart rate increases, and your pupils dilate. The second part is resistance, which includes either fighting, where a stressor is taken head on, or flight, where a stressor is avoided. It includes how your body uses stored energy, hormones, minerals, and glucose to react. The final stage is exhaustion, also known as burn out. After prolonged stress, exhaustion kicks in and the ability to manage stress becomes low. At this point, the system of the body can become compromised due to prolonged exposure to the hormones involved with stress.

How can stress actually be a good thing?

The body’s initial reaction to stress keeps you alert, gives you a burst of energy, and allows you to face the challenge. It can protect you from harm and motivate you during the incident. It can also sharpen your concentration.

What are some of the physical signs of stress?

The signs of stress include headache, dry mouth, heartburn, constipation, depression, and insomnia.

Positive, short-term, motivating, and inspiring stress is called __________.

B. eustress

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