Stress Management Chapter 8

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The first step of selective awareness is to

Recognize positive and negative elements

What often prevents us from experiencing life fully is

All of these

Humor has been shown to

Do all of these

Which of the following is not a characteristic of Type A behavior


A behavior pattern that is not excessively competitive, with no free-floating hostility and no sense of time urgency, is called

Type B

Researchers have developed two components of Type A behavior that appear to operate in opposing directions. These two components are

Impatience/irritability and achievement striving

How highly you regard yourself is known as

Self esteem

The perception that one has little control over events that affect one’s life is known as

External locus of control

The belief that one is either the victim of circumstances or the master of circumstances, each of which is erroneous, is known as

Co-creator perception deficiency

An unrealistic fear that manifests itself in physiological arousal and is accompanied by the behavioral signs of escape or avoidance is


Anxiety that is either temporary in nature or specific to a particular stimulus is known as

State anxiety

A general sense of anxiety not specific to a particular stimulus is known as

Trait anxiety

Feelings of terror that strike suddenly and repeatedly with no warning is known as

Panic disorder

If you are having a panic attack, which of the following will most likely occur

All the choices are equally likely to occur

A feeling of intense and disabling self-consciousness with an intense and persistent feeling of being watched, judged, and evaluated in a negative manner is called

Social phobia

An intense fear of something that poses little or no actual danger is known as a(n)

Specific phobia

Either imagining or encountering an anxiety-provoking stimulus while practicing relaxation is known as

Systematic desensitization

A method of coping with anxiety that consist of examining irrational beliefs is known as

ABCDE technique

A state of mind and body that includes three factors: commitment, control, and challenge, is known as


Self-efficacy is the personal belief that the self

Can be successful

Studies have shown that self-efficacy plays a role in

All of these

Which of the following are techniques for managing anxiety

All of these

We may not be able to choose a situation, but we can choose how we perceive the situation


Control and responsibility go hand in hand


Phobias are irrational fears


Anxiety only has a cognitive (thought) component


Progressive relaxation and autogenic training are relaxation techniques directed toward cognitive stress


Cognitive restructuring is not an effective technique for fear reduction or coping


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