Soc 204 Test Bank 3 Ch 3

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1. What group defines themselves through a rejection of the mainstream:

c. Hipsters*

2. Society and culture _____.

*a. Could not exist without each other

3. Elise travels across Thailand with her friends and, to her surprise, finds the country quite unlike the United States. I hate the food, she tells her family at home. I hate the language, I hate the weird customs and awful music. America is clearly the best place to be. This is an example of _______.

*d. Ethnocentrism

4. Xenocentrism is:

*d. The opposite of ethnocentrism

5. A cultural universal is:

*b. A pattern or trait common to all societies.

6. Many Americans pay for haircuts, trips to the dentist, or transportation on the metro and bus systems. These actions support the notion of capitalism, an example of _____.

*a. Non-material culture

7. Which of the following is an example of a cultural universal?

*c. Incest taboos

8. Kurt and Mitch visit an Amish village on a class trip. Lets see if we can round up some old radios and appliances and drop them off for them later this week. I think theyll appreciate it. They just dont understand what theyre missing. Mitch rolls his eyes. Kurts perspective is an example of _______.

*b. Cultural imperialism

9. Which of the following is an example of cultural relativism?

*c. Helena putting aside her vegetarianism to eat meals with the local tribe she is studying.

10. Angelica visits Thailand with her family. When she wears short-shorts and tank tops while visiting a series of temples during her first week, she is met with hostility from the locals. She feels she no longer knows how to behave or interact with those outside her family. Angelica is experiencing _____.

*b. Culture shock

11. The term values can be defined as:

*b. A cultures standard for discerning whats good and just in society.

12. Janet is visiting her childhood friend in the Hamptons. Janet wears ripped jeans and Chuck Taylors to an infamous White party. The majority of party-goers refuse to socialize with her. Janet is experiencing a form of ___

*b. Xenocentricism

13. Which of the following is NOT an example of a formal norm within the United States?

*d. Making eye contact while speaking

14. What is one difference between a more and a folkway?

*d. Mores may carry serious consequences if violated; folkways do not.

15. The term language can be defined as:

*b. A symbolic system through which people communicate and through which culture is transmitted.

16. MTVs widely-watched TV series The Jersey Shore is an example of _____, while the obscure works of playwright Sam Shepard are an example of ______.

*b. Popular culture; high culture

17. Which of the following is an example of a counterculture?

*c. The hippie movement of the 1960s

18. In 1999, Sean Fanning, John Fanning, and Sean Parker invented Napster, a global, free-of-charge, peer-to-peer music sharing program. Prior to Napster, no such program existed. The three men created _____.

*a. An innovation

19. In the early 2000s, The L Word and Queer as Folk debuted on Showtime. Both shows depicted the lives of members of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community, thus giving viewers a glimpse into a ______.

*c. Subculture

20. Which of the following is an example of an informal sanction?

*a. The football team throwing a slushy in Finns face because he tried to join the Glee club.

21. The terms _________________ and ______________ are often used interchangeably, but have nuances that differentiate them.

*b. culture and society

22. The American flag is a material object that denotes the United States of America; however, there are certain connotations that many associate with the flag, like bravery and freedom. In this example, what are bravery and freedom?

*d. Nonmaterial culture

23. The belief that ones culture is inferior to another culture is called:

*c. xenocentrism

24. Rodney and Elise are U.S. students studying abroad in Italy. When they are introduced to their host families, the families kiss them on both cheeks. When Rodneys host brother introduces himself and kisses Rodney on both cheeks, Rodney pulls back in surprise. Where he is from, unless they are romantically involved, men do not kiss one another. This is an example of:

*a. culture shock

25. Most cultures have been found to identify laughter as a sign of humor, joy, or pleasure. Likewise, most cultures recognize music in some form. Music and laughter are examples of:

*d. universalism

26. A nations flag is:

*a. A symbol

27. The existence of social norms, both formal and informal, is one of the main things that inform ___________, otherwise known as a way to encourage social conformity.

*c. social control

28. The biggest difference between mores and folkways is that

*a. mores are primarily linked to morality, whereas folkways are primarily linked to being commonplace within a culture

29. The notion that people cannot feel or experience something that they do not have a word for can be explained by:

*b. Sapir-Whorf

30. Cultural sanctions can also be viewed as ways that society:

*c. Regulates behavior

31. An example of high culture is ___________, whereas an example of popular culture would be ____________.

*a. Dostoevsky style in film; American Idol winners

32. The Ku Klux Klan is an example of what part of culture?

*b. Subculture

33. Modern-day hipsters are an example of:

*c. Subculture

34. Your eighty-three-year-old grandmother has been using a computer for some time now. As a way to keep in touch, you frequently send emails of a few lines to let her know about your day. She calls after every email to respond point by point, but she has never emailed a response back. This can be viewed as an example of:

*a. cultural lag

35. Some jobs today advertise in multinational markets and permit telecommuting in lieu of working from a primary location. This broadening of the job market and the way that jobs are performed can be attributed to:

*d. globalization

36. The major difference between invention and discovery is: a. Invention is based on technology, whereas discovery is usually based on culture

*b. Discovery involves finding something that already exists, but invention puts things together in a new way

37. That McDonalds is found in almost every country around the world is an example of:

*a. globalization

38. A sociologist conducts research into the ways that Hispanic American students are historically underprivileged in the U.S. education system. What theoretical approach is the sociologist using?

*c. Conflict theory

39. The Occupy Wall Street movement of 2011 grew to be an international movement. Supporters believe that the economic disparity between the highest economic class and the mid to lower economic classes is growing at an exponentially alarming rate. A sociologist who studies that movement by examining the interactions between members at Occupy camps would most likely use what theoretical approach?

*a. Symbolic interactionism

40. What theoretical perspective views society as having a system of interdependent inherently connected parts?

*b. Functionalism

41. The American Dreamthe notion that anybody can be successful and rich if they work hard enoughis most commonly associated with which sociological theory?

*b. Functionalism

42. Beliefs are:

*b. tenets or convictions that people hold to be true.

43. Culture can be defined as:

*a. shared beliefs, values, and practices.

44. Cultural universals are patterns or traits that are globally common to all societies.

*b. False.

45. Cultural imperialism is:

*b. the deliberate imposition of ones own cultural values on another culture.

46. The spread of material and nonmaterial culture from one culture to another is called:

*c. diffusion

47. The direct, appropriate behavior in the day-to-day practices and expressions of a culture are known as:

*d. folkways

48. subcultures are groups that share a specific identification, apart from a societys majority, even as the members exist within a larger society.

*a. True

49. Countercultures are groups that accept and conform to widely accepted cultural patterns.

*b. False

50. culture shock is:

*b. an experience of personal disorientation when confronted with an unfamiliar way of life.

51. Which of the following are examples of informal norms:

a. the law prohibiting livestock from roaming at large. b. OSU’s policy forbidding plagerism. c. the "drinking age" that doesn’t allow persons under 21 to consume alcohol. *d. none of the above.

52. Material culture is defined as the ideas, attitudes, and beliefs of a society.

*b. False

53. The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis state that:

*b. the way that people understand the world based on their form of language.

54. the moral views and principles of a group are called:

*c. mores

55.the visible and invisible rules of conduct through which societies are structured are called:

*a. norms

56.a cultures standard for discerning what is good and just in society are called:

*b. values

57. Symbols are gestures or objects that have meanings associated with them that are recognized by people who share a culture.

*a. True

58. High culture is the mainstream, widespread patterns among a societys population.

*b. False

59. The practices that encourage conformity to cultural norms are part of the system of:

*c. social control

60. A group of people who live in a definable community and who share a culture are a:

*c. society

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