Short Story- -The Colomber- by Dino Buzzati 2

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The internal conflict in "The Colomber" by Dino Buzzati happens________.

C. Within Stefano

Who or what is the protagonist in "The Colomber" by Dino Buzzati?

B. Stefano

The central message or insight revealed through a story is known as the_________.

A. Theme

What situational irony occurs in "The Colomber" by Dino Buzzati?

D. The colomber pursues Stefano in order to give him a magic pearl.

Which theme does the short story "The Colomber" by Dino Buzzati support best?

B. One cannot escape what one fears.

The setting of "The Colomber" by Dino Buzzati takes place primarily in__________.

B. The sea

Why is setting important in literature?

D. I, II, and III

The chain of events in a story is known as the________.

D. Plot

What is situational irony?

D. The contrast between what is expected and what does happen.

Who or what is the antagonist in "The Colomber" by Dino Buzzati?

D. The colomber

In "The Colomber" by Dino Buzzati, the colomber pursues Stefano for most of Stefano’s life. Which type of conflict does the colomber’s pursuit illustrate?

B. External

In the movie Thor (2011), Thor must prove that he is worthy of being a king before he can use his mighty hammer. Which word describes the conflict best?

C. Internal

Who or what is the protagonist in "The Colomber" by Dino Buzzati?

B. Stefano

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