Short Story- -The Bet- by Anton P. Chekhov 2

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Which of the following is a theme that frequently appears in Anton P. Chekhov’s work?

A. Life’s meaninglessness.

Anton Chekhov is considered the father of the modern____________.

D. Short story

In "The Bet" by Anton P. Chekhov, what motivates the banker to participate in the bet?

A. Boredom

Read the excerpt below from the short story "The Bet" by Anton P. Chekhov and answer the question that follows.
Which theme does the diction from the passage support best?

C. Life is only worth living if lived well.

As Anton P. Chekhov’s writing matured, he focused less on________ and more on________.

B. Plot… Character

In "The Bet" by Anton P. Chekhov, what kind of conflict does the lawyer face in order to uphold his end of the bet?

B. Internal

Which struggle is an example of internal conflict that occurs in "The Bet" by Anton P. Chekhov?

A. Lawyer vs. self

In "The Bet" by Anton P Chekhov, what motivates the lawyer to participate in the bet?

D. Money

Why is discovering character’s motivations in literature important?

B. Motivation affects the theme of a story.

Which term refers to careful and deliberate word choice in speaking or writing?

C. Diction

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