Short story–Wartime Diaries- Anne Frank and Zlata Filipović

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How does The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank portray German soldiers?

as divided about Hitler and willing to start wars

What is ethnic cleansing?

the practice of removing members of an ethnic group from a region by force or intimidation

Why does Zlata Filipovic decide to stop writing about herself in her own diary?

She has seen so much destruction that it has overshadowed her own life.

Where did Zlata live during the Bosnian War?

in the city of Sarajevo

Who were the aggressors in the war that is discussed in Zlata’s Diary?

Bosnian Serbs

How does Zlata Filipovic portray the people in her town?

as emotionally resilient and powerful

Which phrase describes the author’s perspective in writing The Diary of a Young Girl best?

persecuted victim

What is Sarajevo?

the capital of Bosnia

Why is Anne Frank determined to believe the best of others?

She refuses to view the world as a cruel place.

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