Psych 7A Chapter 15

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A trained therapist who uses psychological techniques to assist someone to overcome excessive anxiety would generally be best described as a


Schizophrenia is a disorder that is MOST likely to be treated with

cognitive therapies

Sigmund Freud introduced a form of pscyhotherapy known as


Psychoanalytic techniques are designed primarily to help patients

become aware of their repressed conflicts and impulses

Sheena’s therapist tells her to relax, close her eyes, and state aloud whatever comes to mind no matter how trivial or absurd it seems. The therapist is using a technique that is central to


Psychoanalytic interpretation is designed to promote


The experience toward a therapist of feelings linked with earlier relationships is known as


Interpersonal therapy focuses primarily on helping people to

improve their relationship skills

Which of the following is considered to be the most non-directive form of therapy?

client-centered therapy

O.H Mowrer trained children to discontinue bed wetting by arranging for an alarm to sound each time they wet their beds. This technique best illustrates a therapeutic application of

classical conditioning

Repeatedly introducing people to things they fear and avoid is most characteristic of

exposure therapies

The construction of an anxiety hierarchy and training in relaxation are important aspects of

systematic desensitization

With _____, the therapist replaces a fearful response with a relaxation response.

systematic desensitization

Virtual reality exposure therapy is most likely to prove effective in the treatment of


Aversive conditioning involves

associating unwanted behaviors with unpleasant experiences

The practice of ____ is based on the application of operant conditioning principles

behavior modification

Mr Quionones, a fifth grade teacher, gives a blue plastic star to each student who achieves a high score on a math or spelling test. At the end of the semester, students can exchange their stars for prizes. Mr Quinones’ strategy illustrates an application of

operant conditioning

Teaching people to stop blaming themselves for failures and negative circumstances beyond their control is of most direct concern to _____ therapists


Natasha claimed that her failure to get A’s in all her courses meant she was incompetent. Her therapist calmly challenged this assertion, commenting, "By your mental calculations, well over 90% of all students are incompetent!" The therapist’s response was most typical of a ___ therapist


Dr Jackson reinforces depressed patients for their participation in pleasant activities and trains them to take increasingly more credit for the rewards they gain from engaging in those activities. Dr Jackson’s treatment approach best illustrates

cognitive-behavior therapy

To help Mrs Otsuki lose weight, her therapist first attempted to assess whether her weight loss might be personally threatening to her husband. The therapist’s concern is most characteristic of a

family therapist

Many self help groups have emulated the use of ____ by Alcoholics Anonymous

a 12 step program

Research on the effectiveness of psychotherapy indicates that

clients are generally satisfied with the effectiveness of therapy

Clients’ perceptions of the effectiveness of psychotherapy are often misleading because clients

often need to convince themselves that they didn’t waste their money on therapy

Students who receive unusually low scores on their psychology test can reasonably anticipate ___ scores on their second psychology test

somewhat higher

Which of the following is a procedure for statistically combining the results of many different studies?


Cognitive therapies have achieved especially favorable results in the treatment of


Increasingly, insurer and government support for mental health services requires

evidence based practice

Three benefits attributed to all psychotherapies are

hope, a new perspective, and a caring relationship

Immigrants from Asia would most likely experience difficulty as clients of American psychotherapists who emphasize the value of


Researchers have found that matching Asian American clients with counselors who share their cultural values facilitates

the therapeutic alliance

A physician who specializes in the treatment of psychological disorders is called a


The double blind technique involves

a procedure in which neither patients nor health care staff know whether a given patient is receiving a drug or a placebo

Unpleasant withdrawal symptoms following the discontinues use of an anti-anxiety drug are indicative of

physiological dependence

Prozac, Zoloft, and Paxil are called SSRIs because they

slow the normal reabsorption of excess serotonin from synapses

Antidepressant drugs have been found to be less effective than originally thought in large part because patient improvement often results from spontaneous recovery or

the placebo effect

Which of the following treatments is most likely to be used only with severely depressed patients?

electroconvulsive therapy

Using implanted electrodes to inhibit activity in an area of the cortex that triggers negative emotions is called

deep brain stimulation

Surgically cutting the nerves connecting the frontal lobes to the emotion-controlling centers of the inner brain is called

a lobotomy

Which of the following procedures has typically resulted in patients becoming permanently lethargic?

a lobotomy

Antidepressant drugs, a fresh perspective on his problems, and a strong therapeutic alliance all contributed to helping David recover from a major depressive disorder. An integrated understanding of David’s recover process is best provided by

a biopsychosocial approach

Preventive mental health is based on the assumption that psychological disorders result from

stressful social situations

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