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judging people on the basis of chronological age

The term ageism refers to _____

mentally and physically healthier than people her age who do not share those beliefs

Edina, age 76, feels younger and more positive about her life than others of her age. She is likely to be


Speaking slowly, loudly, and emphasizing the key words, the waitress asked her elderly patron, "Would you rather have a slice of lemon pie or pecan pie, dear?" What is the waitress demonstrating with this speech style?

80 and up

What is the fastest-growing age group in the United States?


Which theory of aging proposes that the body wears out, part by part, after years of use?

slow down aging

Calorie restriction may


The maximum life span is _____ years for humans

the genetic clock

The notion that DNA regulates the aging process is referred to as

women stop intercourse earlier than men for biological reasons

Which of these is NOT true regarding sexuality in late adulthood?

elderly drivers compensate for deficiencies by driving more slowly and reducing night driving

Elderly drivers have fewer car accidents than young people do because

inevitably take place as time goes by

Primary aging refers to age-related changes that


The changes of primary aging are

secondary aging

Juan, age 59, has developed heart disease from a lifetime of smoking cigarettes. His heart disease is an example of


The condition involving fragile bones is called

little exercise

Osteoporosis results not only from primary aging but also from too

slower reaction time

Overall brain slowdown is evident in which of the following ways?

increased cognitive adaptability

What benefit does neurogenesis provide for an older adult?

hippocampus and prefrontal cortex

Which parts of the brain shrink the most in later life?

processing information

Which of the following is most affected by brain shrinkage?

their senses decline, reducing the sensory input

The primary reason older people receive less neural input is that

impair cognition

As an individual ages, small sensory losses such as a decreased ability to hear nuances of emotion in speech

extensive; limited

Older adults have ____ vocabularies but _____ fluency.

decrease; stay the same

The ability to recall a string of digits backward tends to ______ with age, while memory for vocabulary tends to _________ with age

prior knowledge

The elderly use ______ more often for processing information than do younger adults

prefrontal cortex

Control processes depend on which part of the brain?


Which of the following terms would be ageist?


George developed Alzheimer’s disease well before the age of 60; early Alzheimer’s disease is associated with a condition that George was born with called


Researchers believe that Alzheimer’s disease is ______ genetic

3 to 5

When a person under age 60 develops Alzheimer’s disease, the final phase of the disease typically occurs around years after the first signs appear

she will most likely have other strokes

Ruth suffered a ministroke, but the symptoms disappeared shortly thereafter and the event went unnoticed by friends and family. What is likely to happen next?

parkinson’s disease

Recently, Ruth has difficulty lifting her feet to climb steps. Sometimes her hands tremble when she’s drinking her afternoon cup of tea. Which neurocognitive disorder is she likely suffering from?


The most common reversible condition that is mistaken for neurological disorder is

the drugs can interact and produce adverse reactions

The fact that many elderly people take many different medications means that

more likely than younger people to reach self-actualization

Abraham Maslow maintains that older adults are

put her life into perspective

Eugenia is 85 years old and has begun a life review. Her primary reason for doing this is probably to

life review

Naomi started keeping a detailed journal that includes stories of her childhood and early adulthood. She plans to pass her journal down to her grandchildren as a family history and so that they can know her in a more intimate way. Her journal writing is a form of

practical life experience

Which of the following attributes is associated with wisdom?

integrity vs despair

Erikson called the final crisis of development

integrity vs despair

Susan’s grandmother, at age 80, is engaged in the personal journey of connecting her life with the historical and cultural purpose of human society. The grandmother is in which of Erikson’s psychosocial stages?

compulsive hoarding

Gertrude has accumulated such large piles of old papers and magazines that she can no longer use her table or desk, and she has held on to so much old furniture and clothing that many rooms in her home cannot be entered. In her attempts to hang on to various material items from her life, Gertrude develope

correlates with believing that life is meaningful

In older adults, a positive world view


_____ theories claim that social forces limit individual choice and direct life, especially in late adulthood.

limit independence

Gender-stratification theory recognizes that men and women are pushed into certain roles because of their sex, roles that may ultimately

age stratification

he idea that opportunities and roles are determined based on age is referred to as


A man who is almost 65 years old withdraws from his connections with younger people, and his coworkers stop asking him for help. Which theory says this behavior is a natural part of aging?

activity theory

The view that elderly people need to remain active in a variety of social spheres is called


Older adults who work bridge jobs tend to be ________ than those who work full time or quit completely

both men and women

Typically, who does more housework after retirement than before?

prefer to age in place

Alden and Elyse have lived in the same house for over 40 years. They raised their children there and were actively involved in the neighborhood. As they age, their children want them to move to a nearby small apartment. Like many other older adults, Alden and Elyse

not far from their old residence

When older Americans move, they are most likely to move

better health

Religious involvement correlates with ________ because it promotes social relationships and healthy habits.

happier and wealthier

Compared with single older adults, married older adults tend to be

Diana, who lives with her husband of 40 years

Who is most likely to be the healthiest and happiest at age 70?

a strong sense of shared experiences

One crucial factor in the success of long-term marriages is

filial responsibility

Noah has added a room to his house in anticipation of his elderly parents moving in with him. As their oldest son, he feels obligated to provide care for them out of a sense of


In parent and adult child relationships, _______ feel stronger affection toward their parents


Luisa and Mark are respected and obeyed by their grandchildren even though they see them only on holidays. They would be described as ________ grandparents


Mr. Riser lives in the same house as his grandchildren and cares for them every day. His grandparenting is

happy to be independent of the daily demands of child rearing

Companionate grandparents are

frail elderly

Elderly people who are physically infirm, very ill, or cognitively disabled are referred to as the


Which of the following is one of the ADLs?

a demanding care receiver

Which of the following conditions increases the likelihood of elder abuse?

individual choice in activities

Which of the following is a sign of a humane setting for long-term care?

assisted living

An intermediate form of care for older adults is

village care

When elderly individuals live near each other and pool resources to promote aging in place, this is called

40; 70

A century ago, the average life span worldwide was less than age___. Today it is about age ___

at home

One hundred years ago, most people died____, while today they most often die in a hospital

listen to the child with full attention when the child talks about the death

How should adults deal with a child who has encountered death? They should

death is a terrifying topic that adults can’t even discuss

Laurel’s mother has been reluctant to tell her that Grandpa George is dead. After keeping Laurel home with a babysitter during the funeral, her mother has said things like, "Grandpa George had to go away." But Laurel, who has heard adults talking about the death, senses that her mother is avoiding the topic and has come to the conclusion that

terror management theory

According to _________, adolescents and emerging adults engage in high-risk behaviors to cope with their fear of death

fear of leaving something undone

Earl, age 50, is terminally ill. He is primarily focused on

largely irrational

The fact that more people fear flying more than driving illustrates that attitudes about death tend to be

decreases; increases

In late adulthood, attitudes about death shift. Anxiety ___ while hope____

engaging in legacy work

One way that older people cope with their own mortality is through

had a near-death experience

Henry was in critical condition when he arrived at the ER. His heart had stopped, but thanks to quick intervention he survived the ordeal. As he healed, he discussed having the sense of floating in light while feeling peace and joy. Henry seems to have


Mrs. Reginald has been diagnosed as terminally ill, but she insists that she will recover and believes that her laboratory results were mixed up or misinterpreted. Kübler-Ross would say that Mrs. Reginald is in the stage of


"Why me? You’re an incompetent doctor!" Eric wails when his doctor delivers the news that his cancer has returned and that Eric has only three months to live. Which of Kübler-Ross’s stages is Eric in?


"Doctor, if you can find a new treatment that will cure me, I will buy the hospital a new cancer wing," Lily promises. Which of Kübler-Ross’s stages is Lily in?


"Dad, why don’t we go for a walk? You can watch the kids play soccer at the park," Spencer says. His father replies, "What’s the point? Nothing really matters anymore." Which of Kübler-Ross’s stages is Spencer’s father in?

Abraham Maslow

The work of __________has been used to describe dying as a movement from a focus on physical needs through needs for love, safety, respect, and self-actualization, and finally to the acceptance of death.


Maslow has added a sixth stage to his hierarchy. This stage, called _____ , emphasizes the acceptance of death by dying people

pain management

Alison has just entered a hospice. She can expect

relieve patients’ pain and suffering

The goal of palliative care is to

relieve pain and slow respiration

Opiates have a double effect, which can be demonstrated when they both

brain waves cease

The definition of death that has been used by professionals around the world for more than 40 years states that death occurs when

no spontaneous breathing and eyes not responding to pain

After a meta-analysis of studies on end-of-life brain functioning, researchers confirmed two indicators of death are

is in a vegetative state

Malcolm entered a state of deep unconsciousness after a serious accident. Although he is still breathing, his cognitive functions have ceased. His family and friends notice that his eyes occasionally open, and he sometimes makes sounds. Malcolm

allows a natural death

a DNR order

someone turns off a patient’s respirator

An example of active euthanasia is when

physician-assisted suicide

Rick is terminally ill and in constant pain. He has asked his doctor for a prescription drug he can use to end his life. If the doctor gives Rick the drug and Rick uses it to die, it is considered

slippery slope

A major argument against legalizing euthanasia is a concern that it may lead society to condone the killing of those who are not ready to die, creating a

what medical intervention should be used if the person is not conscious when a decision needs to be made

A living will is written to indicate

health care proxy

A person whom a dying person designates to make his or her medical decisions if he or she is unable to do so is a(n)


The type of grief that impedes a person’s future life is called ____ grief

disenfranchised grief

The type of grief in which people are not allowed to mourn publicly because of cultural customs or social restrictions is called

incomplete grief

Tanaye’s husband was flying a small plane when it disappeared above a wooded mountainside. His body was never recovered. In this loss, it is likely that Tanaye is experiencing

allow expression of grief publicily

An important function of the mourning process is to


Older adults who were securely attached in childhood are more likely to experience ____ grief when a loved one dies.

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