Psych 101 – Ch. 2

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Receives signals from other neurons

Cell Body

Generates energy and contains genetic material


Carries signals from cell body to the axon terminal


Increases speed of neural impulses


Contain neurotransmitters; form junctions with dendrites of other neurons


Chemical messengers that are released into the synaptic gap

Synaptic Vesicles

Small membrane sacs that contain neurotransmitters

Synaptic Gap

The physical space between two neurons; also called the synaptic cleft

Receptor Site

Binds with the neurotransmitter and influences the new electrical signal

Dendrite of Receiving Neuron

Receives signal from other neurons

Axon Terminal

Forms a junction with the dendrite of the receiving neuron


controls eating and other motivated behaviors, and is linked to emotion


Master gland of the endocrine system, controlled by the hypothalamus


Involved in aggression, fear, and emotional memories


Involved in learning new memories

Limbic System

Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Amygdala, Hippocampus

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