Networking Chapter 3 Review

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Which protocol’s header would a Layer 4 device read and process?


What number does a host use to identify the application involved in a transmission?

Port Number

What field in a TCP segment is used to determine if an arriving data unit exactly matches the data unit sent by the source?

Source Port Checksum

At which OSI layer does IP operate?

Network Layer

Which OSI layer is responsible for directing data from one LAN to another?

Network Layer

What kind of route is created when a network administrator configures a router to use a specific path between nodes?

Static Route

When a router can’t determine a path to a message’s destination, where does it send the message?

Gateway of Last Resort

A routing protocol’s reliability and priority are rated by what measurement?


Which routing protocol does an exterior router use to collect data to build its routing tables?


When messages to a remote Web server are being lost for no apparent reason and you suspect the problem might be a path MTU black hole, which TCP/IP utility can you use to diagnose the problem?


What three characteristics distinguish tcp from udp?

TCP is connection oriented protocol and UDP is connectionless. TCP messages arrive in order while the order of messages from UDP is uncertain. TCP data is like a stream and data packets may arrive in multiple packets, UDP is sent individually and packets are guaranteed to arrive whole.

What process is used to establish a TCP connection?

Three-way process called handshake

Which two protocols are essential to ipv4 networks, but whose functions are performed by icmpv6 on ipv6 networks?

Igmp (Internet Group Management Protocol) and Arp (Address Resolution Protocol)

What is the difference between dynamic arp table entries and static arp table entries?

Static: Those that someone has entered manually using the arp utility via arp command, Dynamic: created when a client makes an arp request that could not be satisfied by data already in the arp table

What four functions do all routers perform?

1. Connecting Dissimilar networks (ex. lan and wan) 2. Interpreting layer 3 and often layer 4 addressing 3. Determining the best path for data to follow from point A to point B 4. Rerouting the traffic if the first choice path is down but another is available.

What database does a router consult before determining the most efficient path for delivering a message?

Routing table which maintain information about where the host are located

Manually modifying a routing table can cause messages to get stuck hopping between a limited number of routers. What is this problem called?

Routing Loop

Give three examples of routing metrics used by routers to determine the best of various available routing paths.

Hop Count, Latency, and Routing Cost

What kind of web site allows you to remotely collect network routing information back to your actual location?

Looking glass site

List three interior gateway protocols. (igps).

RIP, RIPv2, and OSPF

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