Network+ Guide to Networks 7th Edition Chapter 2

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An IPv6 address consists of how many bits?


A port number, which identifies an application on a host, exists at what level of the OSI model?


What are the last two parts of a host name known as __________.

domain name

What do the first 24 bits of a MAC address represent?

Organizationally Unique Identifier

What command below can be used to display a complete summary of all network interfaces in a Windows computer?

ipconfig /all

What top level domain is used for the air-transport industry?


How many clusters of root servers exist?


What range of ports is referred to as the "well-known" range of ports?


A loopback IP address begins with what number?


In Linux systems, what file contains the settings for the DHCP service?


What command on Linux will display TCP/IP information associated with every interface on the device?

ifconfig /all

Select the IPv6 address below that indicates a global unicast address:


Which protocol below is used to make an initial connection between hosts for transferring multimedia data, relying on other protocols once a connection is established?


The Network Time Protocol service uses what port number?

UDP 123

Select the name of the free, open source software that is by far the most popular DNS server software:


Select the protocol below that is used to synchronize clocks on computers on a network:


When two IPv6 nodes are on the same network, they are referred to as which of the following?


What utility is used to verify that TCP/IP installed, bound to the NIC, configured correctly, and communicating with the network?


What RFC outlines recommendations for private IP addresses?

RFC 1918

What protocol is commonly used to request configuration files from another computer?


True or False: A hexadecimal number is a number written in the base 16 number system.


True or False: DNS follows a centralized database model.


True or False: NetBIOS applications should be replaced as they are out-of-date.


Each organization that provides host services on the public Internet is responsible for providing and maintaining DNS authoritative servers for public access.


True of False: ICANN is responsible for restrictions on use of the .com, .org, and .net TLDs.


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