Networking Chapter 6

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Select below the band that is not one of the four frequency bands used in the 5 GHz range for wireless LANs:​


​What 802.11 frame type is involved in association and reassociation, including probe and beacon frames?

management frames

What two terms below describe a wireless network topology in which access points work as peer devices on the same network?​

mesh WLAN, wireless mesh network (WMN)

All 802.11 standards use ______________ signaling, meaning a wireless station can only transmit or receive, but cannot do both simultaneously.​


_________________ is an outdated wireless technology that has been mostly replaced by Bluetooth to connect personal devices.​


​At what layer of the OSI model do the 802.11 standards vary?

Physical layer

The proportion of noise to the strength of a signal is called the _________________.​

signal-to-noise ratio

What two frequencies below are used for most wireless networks?​

5 GHz and 2.4 GHz

What signal propagation phenomena causes the diffusion, or the reflection in multiple different directions, of a signal?​


All wireless signals are carried through the air by electromagnetic waves. (T/F)


Ideally, stations must remain within what range of an access point in order to maintain optimal transmission speeds?​

300 feet

In IEEE terminology, a group of stations that share an access point are said to be part of what option below?

basic service set

The wireless spectrum, as defined by the FCC, spans frequencies between which two options below?​

300 GHz and 9 KHz

Which 802.11 technology is the first Wi-Fi standard to approach gigabit Ethernet capabilities, and operates on the 5 GHz band?​


__________________ is a form of radio communication that transfers data wirelessly over very short distances (usually 10 cm or less).​


What is the max theoretical throughput of the 802.11ac wireless technology when using Wave 1 devices?​

1.3 Gbps

Which 802.11 wireless innovation allows for the use of multiple antennas on an access point that can issue a signal to one or more receivers?​


What two options below are two different types of attacks against Bluetooth connections that can be used to send unsolicited data, or download data without permission?​

bluejacking and bluesnarfing

Unlike wired signals, wireless signals originate from electrical current traveling along a capacitor.​ (T/F)


In the context of wireless signal propagation, the phenomenon that occurs when an electromagnetic wave encounters an obstruction and splits into secondary waves. The secondary waves continue to propagate in the direction in which they were split.


An 802.11 frame type that is responsible for carrying data between stations. Two other frame types include management frames, which are involved in association and reassociation, and control frames, which are related to medium access and data delivery.​

data frame

​A method used by wireless stations to detect the presence of an access point. Using this method, the station issues a probe to each channel in its frequency range and waits for the access point to respond.

active scanning

The act of driving around an area while running a laptop configured to detect and capture wireless data transmissions.​

war driving

​A security exploit in which a WPS PIN is discovered by means of a brute force attack, giving the attacker access to the network’s WPA2 key. The PIN feature in WPS should be disabled if possible.

WPS attack

The throughput experienced at the application level, such as the quality of a video feed or the speed of a Web page loading in the browser.​


A type of antenna that issues wireless signals along a single direction, or path. Also called a directional antenna.​

unidirectional antenna

A type of antenna that issues and receives wireless signals with equal strength and clarity in all directions. This type of antenna is used when many different receivers must be able to pick up the signal, or when the receiver’s location is highly mobile.​

omnidirectional antenna

The use of chalk to draw symbols on a sidewalk or wall within range of an access point. The symbols, patterned after marks that hobos devised to indicate hospitable places for food or rest, indicate the access point’s SSID and whether it’s secured.​

war chalking

An attack in which a Bluetooth connection is used to download data from a device without the owner’s permission.​


Which 802.11 standard was the first to utilize the 5 GHz band?​


Which 802.11 frame type is related to medium access and data delivery, and includes ACK and RTS/CTS frames?​

control frames

Select below the network topology that is not a valid wireless network topology:​


How many address fields exist in an 802.11 frame?​


What is the maximum theoretical throughput of 802.11n?​

600 Mbps

Select below the name for the special signal that contains information that a wireless node requires in order to associate itself with an access point:

beacon frame

How many data streams are used in 802.11ac Wave 2 devices?​

4 data streams

The WPS PIN is vulnerable to brute force attacks.​ (T/F)


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