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To ensure high-quality CPR and high-quality chest compressions, you should

Expose the victim’s chest to ensure proper hand placement and full chest recoil.

Which of the following would you identify as the universal sign that a conscious person is choking?

Clutching the throat

All of the following are components of scene size-up EXCEPT:

Checking for responsiveness.

Your initial impression reveals severe life-threatening bleeding in an adult victim who appears to be unresponsive. Your next step should be:

Control the bleeding with any available resources.

Which of the following is most essential to use when giving ventilations to protect you and the victim from disease transmission?

Resuscitation masks

You and another lifeguard are preparing for CPR on an adult who collapsed in the locker room. You determine that there is no breathing or pulse and state, "Victim has no pulse. Begin CPR." Which of the following should the other lifeguard do next?

Begin chest compressions.

You and a fellow lifeguard are giving ventilations using a BVM. You position the mask over the victim’s mouth and nose. What should the other lifeguard do?

Squeeze the bag with both hands.

Based on which of the following signs and symptoms would you determine that a victim is experiencing respiratory distress?

Gasping for breath

Which of the following findings would lead you to determine that an infant’s airway is open and not obstructed?

The infant is crying uncontrollably.

You are providing care to a patron who started choking on some food. The victim becomes unresponsive. Which of the following should you do first?

Lower the victim to the ground and begin CPR starting with chest compressions.

You are providing care to an adult who is unresponsive and not breathing as a result of a drowning. You give your first ventilation before performing CPR and notice that the chest does not rise. Which of the following should you do next?

Re-tilt the victim’s head and then attempt another ventilation.

What is the first step you should take in caring for a victim with burns?

Remove the victim from the source of the burn.

A 12-year-old child at a swim meet grabs their chest and begins to make wheezing noises. After you obtain consent to provide care, the child’s parent informs you that the child has a history of asthma, but does not have an inhaler nearby. What care should you provide?

Summon more advanced medical personnel and place the victim into a position that helps breathing.

Which of the following statements about performing CPR with two or more rescuers is true?

To reduce rescuer fatigue, rescuers should switch positions about every two minutes or when the AED is analyzing.

When using an AED, which of the following should you do immediately after attaching the AED pads to the victim’s chest?

Tell everyone to stand clear.

A person has been injured and is responsive. You obtain consent to check the victim for life-threatening conditions. What life-threatening condition would require you to immediately summon EMS personnel?

Persistent chest pain

You and a patron enter the locker room and find an unresponsive person lying on the floor. You size up the scene and form an initial impression, and then you begin performing a primary assessment. The patron asks, "Should we move them to the first aid room?" What should you do next?

Tell the patron the victim should not be moved since there is no immediate danger.

Which of the following statements about bag-valve-mask resuscitators (BVMs) is most accurate?

Ventilations are more effective when two rescuers operate the BVM.

If a victim is having a seizure in the water:

Support the victim with their head above water until the seizure ends.

An injured patron is responsive and bleeding. After summoning EMS personnel, obtaining consent and putting on disposable gloves, what is your next care step?

Press firmly against the wound with a sterile dressing and bandage.

When giving chest compressions to an adult, how would you position your hands?

Heel of one hand on the center of the chest with the other hand on top

You determine that a victim is unresponsive but breathing. While waiting with the victim for EMS personnel, you would position the victim:

In a recovery position.

You are performing CPR on a victim and an assisting responder arrives. Which of the following is most appropriate for the assisting responder to do first?

Check to see whether EMS personnel have been called.

You are walking on the pool deck when the swim team coach suddenly collapses in front of you. During your primary assessment, you find that the victim does not have a pulse. You should:

Immediately begin CPR using cycles of 30 compressions followed by 2 ventilations

During a primary assessment, which of the following should you check first?


You are giving ventilations to a 5-year-old child using a resuscitation mask. You should give 1 ventilation about every:

3 seconds

Which of the following should you do first when approaching the scene of an emergency?

Size-up the scene while forming an initial impression.

When giving abdominal thrusts to an adult who is choking, where should you position your fist?

In the middle of the abdomen, just above the navel

While preparing to use an automated external defibrillator (AED) on a victim, you notice a medication patch on the victim’s chest. Which action is most appropriate?

Removing the patch with a gloved hand.

You are providing care to a conscious infant who is choking. When giving chest thrusts, which of the following would you use?

Two or three fingers

As you are giving ventilations with a resuscitation mask, the victim vomits. Which of the following would you do first?

Turn the victim onto their side and clear the airway of the vomit immediately.

A patron has cut their leg on the edge of the bleachers and is bleeding heavily. You think the patron is in shock because they:

Become restless and irritable.

A way to remember the questions to ask when taking a brief history is to use the acronym SAMPLE. What does the S in SAMPLE stand for?

Signs and Symptoms

You arrive on a scene where someone seems to be hurt. During the primary assessment, you should check for all of the following EXCEPT:


You and another lifeguard find an unresponsive adult on the locker room floor. The other lifeguard goes to summon EMS personnel. You form an initial impression, complete a primary assessment and find that the victim has a pulse but is not breathing. Which of the following should you do next?

Give ventilations at a rate of 1 about every 5-6 seconds.

As the only lifeguard performing CPR on a 7-year-old child, you would perform cycles of:

30 chest compressions and 2 ventilations.

How can you best protect yourself from possible bloodborne pathogen transmission when providing care?

Use protective equipment, such as disposable gloves and a breathing barrier, when providing care.

A patron seems to be having a diabetic emergency. You should:

Give them glucose tablets.

An AED indicates that "no shock is advised." Which of the following is most appropriate to do next?

Perform CPR for about 2 minutes.

A patron has slurred speech, is unable to lift their right arm level with their left arm and is unable to smile without one side of their face drooping. You make note of the time the symptoms started. These are symptoms of:

A stroke.

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