Healthy Body Composition- Practice

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Because they are both lean, when Mark and Lauren have children, they will most likely have children who are lean.


Explain the difference between essential body fat and storage body fat.

Essential body fat is found within our organs, bones, muscles, and nervous system. It is critical for normal functioning. Storage body fat is located around internal organs and directly below the skin and has numerous functions, such as minimizing heat gain and loss, reducing the impact that falls have on our organs, reducing the effects of aging, and supplying the body with energy when needed.

Like his parents, Thomas is short, stocky, and heavyset. Although he exercises regularly and eats a well-balanced meal, his body composition stays the same. Explain what factor is most likely affecting his body composition.

The factor that is most likely affecting Thomas’s body composition is genetics. Heredity influences the amount of fat a person possesses, and children with heavyset parents are more likely to be heavyset.

Compare and contrast the health-related problems that severely underweight and overweight people might face.

Severely overweight and underweight people face numerous health issues, but those issues differ for the most part. People who have too much body fat may suffer from such problems as high blood pressure, increased cholesterol, diabetes, and joint and bone disorders. On the other hand, people with too little body fat suffer from altered hormones, loss of menstruation (in women), osteoporosis, and organ failure. The one major consequence that both severely overweight and underweight people face is death.

Which of the following statements is TRUE about storage body fat?
A. The more storage body fat one has, the better the internal organs can function.
B. Storage body fat can be found directly below the skin in the human body.
C. It is important to minimize storage body fat because it places too much pressure on the internal organs.
D. People have roughly the same amount of storage body fat in their bodies.


Which of the following is NOT true about the body mass index?
A. uses statistical data of weight and height across the population
B. measures the percentage of one’s body fat directly
C. relies on a correlation between weight and body fat
D. does not account for one’s body frame size or muscle content


Your friend Emily has just started a new fitness program and wants to know if a scale is a good way to track her progress. Give your opinion and justify your response with examples from this lesson.

Although a scale will measure one’s total body mass, it does not determine the lean-to-fat ratio in a person’s body, so it’s important to remember that muscle weighs more than fat. Also, it’s essential to remember that body fat is necessary for the body to function effectively.

Luke is 5 feet 11 inches and weighs 170 pounds. Using the body mass index chart as a guide, under which category would he fall?
A. underweight
B. normal
C. overweight
D. obese


When doctors talk about an individual’s body composition, they are talking solely about the fat components of the human body.


Which of the following is NOT true about childhood obesity?
A. Children who are obese may find it difficult to maintain a healthy body composition as an adult.
B. Childhood obesity, which affects numerous children in the US, can be influenced by heredity.
C. Childhood obesity can be influenced by lifestyle choices, such as exercise and dietary habits.
D. Obese children find that maintaining a healthy body composition is easier as an adult because their metabolism naturally increases.


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