Health-related Fitness

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The five components of health-related fitness include __________.

C. cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition

Exercises that improve cardiovascular fitness improve body composition, because they __________.

C. release energy

Muscular endurance refers to the maximum amount of force a muscle group can generate.


The sit-and-reach test assesses hamstring flexibility.


Which of the following is NOT a benefit of good body composition?

C. increased range of movement

Which of the following is NOT part of the step test for assessing cardiorespiratory fitness?

B. performing the test for 1 hour

Which of the following is NOT true concerning the curl-up test?

A. The curl-up only tests the endurance of the abdominal muscles, not their strength.

Different forms of exercise improve different aspects of health-related fitness.


Which of the following is NOT a component of health-related fitness?

B. bone density

Cardiorespiratory fitness improves the efficiency of the cardiovascular and the respiratory systems in delivering oxygen to the body.


Which of the following do performance evaluation tests NOT measure?

D. sport knowledge

During resistance exercise, muscles are __________.

A. working against a force

Which of the following BEST explains how good body composition is attained?

C. balancing the amount of energy that is taken in with the amount of energy that is released by the body

Which of the following BEST explains why using more than one assessment of cardiorespiratory fitness gives a better picture of fitness level?

C. Using more than one assessment provides a more complete picture of an individual’s fitness level.

Improving muscular strength and endurance slows bone density loss.


Participating in physical activities can improve health-related fitness.


It is MOST accurate to say that body mass index (BMI) provides information about __________.

B. an individual’s height-weight ratio

The BEST strategy for improving flexibility throughout the body is to __________.

A. perform different stretching exercises targeting multiple areas

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