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the ability to do work


the transfer of energy to an object by the application of a force that causes the object to move in the direction of the force

kinetic energy

energy of motion

potential energy

the energy an object has because of its position; stored energy

thermal energy

a form of kinetic energy due to the movement and vibration of the particles in an object; heat energy

mechanical energy

energy associated with the motion and position of an object

electrical energy

a form of energy created by the movement of electrons

chemical energy

the energy stored in the chemical bonds that hold compounds together

sound energy

is the movement of energy through substances in longitudinal waves; produced when a force causes an object or substance to vibrate — the energy is transferred through the substance in a wave

radiant energy

energy that travels in the form of waves, especially electromagnetic waves

nuclear energy

energy that is stored in the nucleus of an atom; the energy that holds the nucleus together

Law of Conservation of Energy

Energy cannot be created or destroyed.




the process by which the nucleus splits into two or more fragments and releases neutrons and energy


the process in which light nuclei combine at extremely high temperatures, forming heavier nuclei and releasing energy


gravitational potential energy; potential energy of an object that depends on its vertical position and mass

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