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A satellite re-enters the earth’s atmosphere. It burns and starts to disintegrate because of the intense heat. Which energy transformation is responsible for the satellite’s disintegration?

kinetic energy to thermal energy

Gasoline is burned as fuel in a motorcycle. Which energy transformation occurs when a motorcycle is driven on a highway?

chemical to kinetic

Thermal energy is the energy associated with


Which energy change best relates to a boulder that is rolling down the side of a hill?

potential energy transforming into kinetic energy

Chemical energy in burning wood is changed into thermal energy. The thermal energy is absorbed by water, which boils to produce steam. The thermal energy is changed into kinetic energy in the moving steam. The kinetic energy is used to turn a turbine, which converts the kinetic energy into electricity. Which sentence best describes this system?

It involves both energy transformation and energy transfer.

Which is the best term to use when describing the energy of motion?


Which statement describes the law of conservation of energy?

Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but it changes from one form to another.

Which is the best example of how electromagnetic energy is used in everyday life?

a patient receiving an X-ray in a hospital

Which statement describes mechanical energy?

the sum of the kinetic energy and the potential energy of an object

Reactant P contains 50 J of energy, and reactant Q contains 35.3 J of energy. The reactants combine to form product PQ, which contains 104 J of energy. What is the energy transformation?

Energy is absorbed because the product has more energy than the reactants have.

What happens to energy when Sally kicks a soccer ball?

Kinetic energy is transferred from the leg to the soccer ball.

Which statement is true about energy transformation?

There is an increase in potential energy when a person climbs a hill.

As gravity makes an object fall down toward the ground ____ energy becomes kinetic energy.


A welding torch produces a flame by burning acetylene fuel in the presence of oxygen. The energy released from the acetylene fuel is then used to melt a metal.

Which energy transformation happens during this process?

Chemical energy turns into thermal energy.

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