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What category do the subcategory codes of the aortic, mitral, tricuspid, and pulmonary valves belong to?

cardiac valves

Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring is:

d. a procedure that is done over a 24-hour period by means of a portable device worn by the patient

A cardiologist is a(n)_______medicine physician who has chosen to specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the heart.


What is the professional component considered?

is the interpretation of the results and the writing of a report about the results.

What are the three sections of the CPT manual that you use to code many cardiovascular services?

b. Surgery, Radiology, Medicine

Within the cardiovascular system, what is compared to the branches of a tree?

c. vascular families

Arrhythmia ablation is a treatment for:

a. bradycardia/tachycardia

There are only two tumor removal codes.


Local anesthesia, catheter introduction, and injection of _______are procedures that are included in a vascular injection.

contrast material

What are the names of two devices that are inserted into the body to electricaly shock the heart into regular rhythm?

pacemaker and implantable defibrillator

The pulse generator of a pacemaker is also referred to as:

c. the battery

Which CPT Appendix would be a helpful resource for selective vascular coding?


Lack of blood is also known as

reversible ischemia

What does EP stand for?


The number of postoperative days usually assigned for the global period following implantation of a pacemaker is:


In which type of catheter placement is the catheter moved, manipulated, or guided into a part of the arterial system other than the vessel punctured?


What is the term that describes the study of the electrical system of the heart and includes the study of arrhythmias?


Code the following cases for the surgical procedures, the office visits, and the cardiology-related Radiology and Medicine section codes. Do not code laboratory work. Shunting from subclavian to pulmonary artery using the Blalock-Taussig operation for Fallot’s tetralogy


A catheter that is inserted into an artery and manipulated to a further order is termed ________ placement


____ is a procedure in which fluid is withdrawn from the space around the heart through a needle, and a catheter is left in to allow for continued drainage.


When coding a change of battery in a pacemaker, both the removal and the re-implantation are coded.


What is the technical component considered?

the equipment and technician who actually provides the service.

If a clinic owns its own x-ray equipment, what modifier would be used when coding for the supervision and interpretation of a cardiac catheterization?

no modifier needed

Which of the following modifiers does NOT identify a coronary artery?


If the clinic physician performs the catheterization procedure at the hospital, which modifier would you append to the catheterization code?


According to the CPT manual notes for bypass grafts, which of the following procurements is bundled in the bypass?

saphenous vein graft

Surgical procedures in the Heart and Pericardium subheading contain procedures that are performed through both open surgical sites and


Bundled into the cardiac catheterization codes are the positioning and repositioning of the catheter(s).


____ cardiology is entering the body to make a correction or for examination.


Which item is NOT considered to be bundled in with a vascular injection?

contrast media

What does PTCA stand for?

percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty

What is the name of the electrodes that are placed into the atrium and/or ventricle of the heart when a pacemaker is inserted?


The epicardial approach involves accessing a vein and inserting a needle with a wire into the vein.


If fluoroscopic guidance is used during the insertion of a pacemaker, it is bundled with the primary procedure and cannot be reported separately.


Indicator dilution studies when done with a cardiac catheterization are to be billed separately.


If catheterization is performed on the coronary arteries, in which section would you find the codes?


What is the term used for a tumor that is removed from inside the heart?


What type of cardiology enters the body-breaks the skin- to make a correction or for examination?


A(n) ____ is a mass of undissolved matter that is present in blood and is transported by the blood.


Code the following cases for the surgical procedures, the office visits, and the cardiology-related Radiology and Medicine section codes. Do not code laboratory work.
Pericardiotomy for removal of clot


What does the abbreviation EP mean as it relates to cardiovascular services?


The procedure in which the surgeon withdraws fluid from the pericardial space by means of a needle inserted percutaneously into the space is called:


What is the term used for a tumor removed from outside the heart?


A catheter that is inserted into an artery and not manipulated to a further order is termed _______placement


The subspecialty of internal medicine that is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of the heart is


What type of cardiology is a diagnostic specialty that uses radioactive elements to aid in the diagnosis of cardiology conditions?


What is the acronym commonly used for coronary artery bypass graft?


Supervision and interpretation codes for angiography are located where in the CPT manual?

Radiology section

Catheter placement is ______ or_______.

nonselective or selective

What does PAD stand for?

Peripheral Arterial Disease

What does SAECG stand for?

signal-averaged electrocardiography

This term means entering the body:


What are the division of codes based on in the Therapeutic Services and Procedures Subheading?

method, location, and number

What arteries feed the heart?


The major division of the Cardiovascular subsection is by how a procedure involved a ____ vessel.

coronary or noncoronary

Modifier -51 can be added to all codes in the Cardiac Catheterization subheading.


Physician who specializes in _______ cardiology uses radioactive radiologic procedures to aid in the diagnosis of cardiologic conditions.


Pacemaker insertion codes are divided based on the surgical:


What are the two approaches that are used when inserting a pacemaker?

epicardial approach and transvenous approach

Code the following cases for the surgical procedures, the office visits, and the cardiology-related Radiology and Medicine section codes. Do not code laboratory work.

Open-heart repair of mitral valve with use of cardiopulmonary bypass.


PTCA is an acronym for Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty.


To correctly report coronary bypass grafts, you must know the anatomical site from which the vessel being grafted came.


A Holter monitor is similar to an electrocardiogram in that:

leads are attached to the patient

An example of a noninvasive cardiology procedure/service is:

cardiovascular stress test

When a heart artery is clogged and the heart muscle performs at a low level as a result of a lack of blood, the condition is called _____ ischemia.


is the regulatioin of the heart rate.


Cardiovascular stress test codes are used for:

both a and b

The device that can be inserted into the body to electrically shock the heart into regular rhythm.

implantable defibrillator

Forcing of fluid into a vessel or cavity


Blood bypasses the heart through a heart-lung machine during open heart surgery

Cardiopulmonary bypass

Vessel that carries deoxygenated blood to the heart from the body tissues


Blood clot


Abnormal opening from one area to another within the body or to outside of the body


Blockage of a blood vessel by a blood clot or other matter that has moved from another area of the body through the circulatory system


Direct communication (passage) between an artery and vein

Arteriovenous fistula

Tube placed into the body to put fluid in or take fluid out


Surgical or percutaneous procedure on a vessel to dilate the vessel open, used in treatment of atherosclerotic disease


A sac of clotted blood or fluid formed in the circulatory system (e.g., veinor artery)


Incision into an artery to remove the inner lining to remove disease or blockage


Divert or make an artificial passage


Deficient blood supply caused by obstruction of the circulatory system




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