CPT- Chapter 2

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What is a gigabyte?

D. one billion byte

Which of the following is NOT an output device?

B. optical mouse

Monitor screens are made up of millions of tiny dots known as

A. pixels.

Which of these is located on the motherboard?


Which of these is an optical storage device?

C. blu-ray drive

Ergonomics is an important consideration

A. for all computing devices.

T or F : Data and information are interchangeable terms


T or F : Microsoft Word is a type of application software


T or F: The fastest data transfer port is an HDMI port


T or F : A typical CPU can complete billions of machine cycles in one second


Which of the following is NOT one of the four major functions of a computer?

C. indexing

Which of the following can be both an input and an output device?

A. monitor

Which of the following display screens does not require a backlight to function?

A. organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display

What type of printer sprays tiny drops of ink onto paper?

B. inkjet

When buying a monitor, which factor is NOT important to consider?

C. color depth

Which of the following is NOT found on a motherboard?

A. hard drive

Which of these is an example of optical storage media?


Which of the following is the fastest data transfer port?

B. Thunderbolt

Which of these is considered volatile storage?


Which power control option performs a warm boot?

A. Restart

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