CPT 101 Module 5

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collection of software development


Converts assembly code into machine code


Examines software code line by line to identify errors


An error in software code

Program editor

Word processing interface that programmers use to write code

Code Library

Repository of pre-existing software code for common functions

What is software development

is the systematic process of transforming a software idea into functional software

How does the programming process work

create source code and compile and concert it into objet code

What are the 5 stages of software development cycle

1- analyze user requirements 2- design program 3- code program 4- document and test system 5- operate and maintain system

What is software

tels computer what to do

What is the boot process

operations that happen every time you reset computer and turn on power

What is an operating system? another term?

tells hardware what to do platform

what options do you have when installing software?

custom or updates

PC/ desktop

installed on a single computer


for a specific device


multi-users OS that controls a central computer and many users


has features similar to a sector but is simpler and smaller


can be installed on a PC or a server

What is the purpose of a device driver

file that tells computer how to talk to device

What services does windows provide

1- spooling- puts data in buffer 2- plug n play- connect hardware and immediately use it 3- sleep/hibernate- stores current state of program, uses less power

Why are software updates important

– fix problem – improves features – improves security

what is a software patch

fixes a known bug

what is a service pack

collection of patches

what is the purpose of antivirus software

scans new messages and files

what is malware

deletes files, steals info, makes computer not work

what is adware

ads and banners, unwanted

what is a trojan horse

malware that hides itself in a useful program

disk clean up

removes unused files on hard ware -free up space

disk defragmenter

reorganizes files for quicker access

file compression

reduces size of file

what is a file

named collection of data on a storage medium

what is an executable file

a file w/ instructions

what is a native file

file format that an app can always open

what does the file extension tell you

what app can open it

what is a file size

how much data the file contains

what is the purpose of the Recycle Bin

where deleted files remain until emptied

How is this installed?

installed on a removable storage

How is this installed?

installed on a hard drive

How is this installed?

runs on smart phones and tablets

How is this installed?

accessed over the internet

personal information software

software designed to help people organize and manager their personal life

entertainment software

software that provides enjoyment

MS Office

productivity software- window and MAC

Mobile app

runs on a mobile device

Font type-

defines what text looks like

text effect

shadowing and reflection are examples

font size

make text bigger


formatting feature used to line up paragraphs

line spacing

can be adjusted to control the amount of white space between rows of text

What options do you have when purchasing this software?

distributed free of charge over the internet but the developer keeps rights

What options do you have when purchasing this software?
public domain

software whose ownership rights are public property; available for everyone for free

What options do you have when purchasing this software?

designed for a specific person or business

What options do you have when purchasing this software?
web apps

some are free, some have a one time registration fee, and some require subscription

What options do you have when purchasing this software?
open source

copyrighted software that is distributed for free and can be customized

When does the software license appear

defines permission, rights, and restrictions assigned to the purchase copy or software

what is EULA

end user license agreement

what is intellectual property

ownership of intangible assets

what is DRM

technology used by entertainment to prevent copies of media

what is piracy

illegal copying and distributing copyrighted software

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