Comm 145 – Ch 3 Communication and the self

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Low self-monitors are more likely than high self-monitors to appear unsophisticated or socially awkward.


Your self-concept is made up of the perceptions you have about who you are as a person.


Most research supports the notion that low self-disclosure is the underlying cause of juvenile delinquency and anti-social behavior.


Image management is a complex, collaborative process


Anytime you expect something to happen, and then it does, that’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.


Which of the following claims about self-disclosure is true?

Europeans and North Americans are discouraged from sharing their feelings.
Asians are generally very disclosive.
Women disclose more than men.
All of these are true.

Women disclose more than men

Research has shown that genetics have little or no influence on personality.


Regarding the benefits of high self-esteem, which of the following statements has been supported by the research?

Those with high self-esteem are less likely to drink, do drugs, or engage in risky sex
Those with high self-esteem do better in school
Those with high self-esteem are more outgoing and willing to communicate
All of these statements have been supported by the research

Those with high self-esteem are more outgoing and willing to communicate

Your own understanding of who you are as a person comprises your:
reference group

Self- Concept

When Jon and Ernesto met in their English class, they were both hesitant to share much about their personal lives. As the semester progressed and they became better friends, they felt comfortable sharing more and more with each other. Which element of self-disclosure is reflected in their relationship?

self-disclosure varies in breadth and depth
self-disclosure must be intentional
self-disclosure follows a process
self-disclosure varies among relationships

Self-disclosure follows a process

When we consider how we want to be perceived by other people, we are considering our:


Judy thinks it’s going to rain today, so she behaves in ways that are consistent with that prediction (e.g., she wears her raincoat, she carries her umbrella). In fact, it does rain, just as she predicted. Is this an example of a self-fulfilling prophecy? Pick the correct answer and explanation.

Yes, because she predicted it would rain, and it did
No, because she did not communicate her prediction to others
Yes, because she behaved in ways consistent with her prediction
No, because her behaviors did not cause the prediction to come true

No, because her behaviors did not cause the prediction to come true

When we evaluate our own merits with respect to certain reference groups, we are engaging in a process known as:

self-esteem maintenance
social comparison
the looking-glass self
impression formation

Social Comparison

Social penetration theory uses the metaphor of an onion to illustrate how self-disclosure develops over time in a relationship.


According to the text, your self-concept is influenced by all of the following EXCEPT:

personality and biology
culture and gender roles
reflected appraisal


Fellowship face refers to our need to avoid being imposed upon by others.


Self-concept is entirely subjective


In personal relationships, it’s always best to increase the breadth and depth of self-disclosure.


Your text discussed several potential risks of self-disclosure. Which of the following was not among them?

violating privacy boundaries
obligating others
damaging personal health

Damaging personal health

Which face need refers to our need to be respected for our abilities and intelligence?

autonomy face
competence face
character face
fellowship face

Competence face

Martin had been having a hard time in his relationship with his girlfriend, Erica. After a long, tiring day at work, he let it slip to his friend Tony that things hadn’t been going well with Erica. Embarrassed, Martin quickly changed the subject and never mentioned that conversation again. Which term accurately describes Martin’s statement?

accidental disclosure
identity management


Your subjective evaluation of yourself is known as:


According to social penetration theory, the _______ dimension concerns the number of topics disclosed whereas the _______ dimension concerns the level of detail in topics disclosed.

breadth, depth

Self-fulfilling prophecies that we make for ourselves often affect the behavior of others.


Jason went to a party with several of his friends last weekend. While he was there, Jason made several inappropriate comments and did not notice that people were offended by what he was saying. Afterwards, several people at the party commented to Jason’s friends that they were surprised and upset by his behavior. Which of the following statements is likely true of Jason?

Jason has low self-esteem.
Jason is a low self-monitor.
Jason has a poor self-concept.
Jason does not engage in self-fulfilling prophecies.

Jason is a low self-monitor

Schutz identified three fundamental interpersonal needs. This particular need is the most similar in meaning to fellowship face

need for control
need for inclusion
need for affection
need for autonomy

Need for inclusion- one’s need to belong to a social group and be included in the activities of others

Scientific studies have largely confirmed the belief that girls have lower self-esteem than boys.


Which of the following statements about people with high self-esteem is not true?

They are less likely to fail at a given task
They are comfortable initiating relationships
They are not inherently more skilled at decoding nonverbal cues
They are more likely to end a relationship that is in trouble

They are less likely to fail at a given task

Regarding self-disclosure, which of the following statements is true?

depth refers to the range of topics you discuss with others
most relationships start out with a high degree of self-disclosure
self-disclosure is highly reciprocal
men and women do not differ from each other in how disclosive they are

self-disclosure is highly reciprocal

Which of the following statements is not true about hyperpersonal communication?

hyperpersonal communication happens online
hyperpersonal communication involves a high level of disclosure
hyperpersonal communication involves feelings of decreased inhibition
each of these is true

EACH OF THESE ARE TRUE hyperpersonal communication happens online hyperpersonal communication involves a high level of disclosure hyperpersonal communication involves feelings of decreased inhibition

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