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Your own understanding of who you are as a person comprises you:
c)reference group

D) self-concept

According to the Johari Window, there are some aspects of our personalities that others can see in us but that we are unaware of. These are known as the _____ aspects of ourselves

C) blind

According to the textbook, which of the following statements about people with low self-esteem is not true?
a) People with low self-esteem are likely to magnify their failures
b) People with low self-esteem are more likely to emphasize others negative comments
c) People with low self esteem are more likely to criticize others
d)People with low self-esteem are more likely to be depressed

C) people with low self-esteem are more likely to criticize others

The way you tend to think and act in most situations defines your:
d)behavioral consistency

A) personality

One of the ways we figure out who we are is by seeing who others think we are. The term for this process is:
a)social comparison
b)reflected appraisal
d)evaluative assessment

B) reflected appraisal

When we evaluate our own merits with respect to certain reference groups, we are engaging in a process known as:
a) self-esteem maintenance
b) social comparison
c) the looking-glass self
d) impression formation

C) the looking-glass self

According to the text, your self-concept is influenced by all of the following except:
a)personality & biology
b) culture & gender roles
c) reflected appraisal
d) self-evaluation

D) self-evaluation

Jason went to a party with several of his friends last weekend. Whule he was there, Jason made several inappropriate comments & did not notice that people were offended by what he was saying? Afterwards, several people at the party commented to Jason’s friends that they were surprised and upset by his behavior. Which of the following statements is likely true of Jason?
a)Jason has low self-esteem
b)Jason is a low self-monitor
c) Jason has a poor self-concept
d) Jason does not engage in self-fulfilling prophecies

B) Jason is a low self-monitor

Just thinks it’s going to rain today, so she behaves in ways that are consistent with that prediction (raincoats umbrella). In fact, it does rain, just as she predicted. Is this an example of a self0fullfillinf prophecy? Pick the correct answer & explanation.
a)Yes, because she predicted it would rain, and it did
b)No, because she did not communicate her prediction to others
c)Yes, because she behaved in ways consistent with her prediction
d) No, because her behaviors did not cause the prediction to come true

D) No, because her behaviors did not cause the prediction to come true

Your subjective evaluation of yourself known as:
a) self-evaluation
b) self-esteem
c) self-concept
d) self-image

B) self-esteem

Which of the following statements about people with high self-esteem is not true?
a) they are less likely to fail as a given task
b) They are comfortable initiating relationships
c) they are not inherently more skilled at decoding nonverbal cues
d) they are more likely to end a relationship that is in trouble

A) they are less likely to fail at a given task

Regarding the benefits of high self-esteem, which of the following statements has been supported by the research?
a)those are high self-esteem are less likely to drink, do drugs, or engage in risky sex
b) those are high self-esteem do better in school
c)those with high self-esteem more outgoing and willing to communicate
d) all of these statements have been supported by he research

c) those with high self-esteem are more outgoing and willing to communicate

The research on sex and cultural differences in self-esteem has primarily disputed which of the following claims?
a)Caucasian men & women do not differ in reported levels of self esteem
b)Caucasian report the highest levels of self esteem of any ethnic group in the US
c)on the whole, native americans report lower levels of self esteem than caucasians
d)differences in self-esteem among various ethnic groups tend to be modest

B) Caucasians report the higest levels of self-esteem of any ethnic group in the us

When we consider how we want to be perceived by other people, we are considering our:

B) Image

Which face needs refers to our need to be respected for our abilities & intelligence?
a) autonomy face
b) competence face
c) character face
d) fellowship face

B)Competence face

When Shelia asked her friend Tommy to help her move at the end of the semester, Sheila was threatening Tommy’s ___ face needs.
a) autonomy
b) competence
c) character
d) fellowship

A) autonomy

Schutz identified three fundamental interpersonal needs. This particular need is the most similar in meaning to fellowship face
a) need for control
b) need for inclusion
c) need for affection
d) need for autonomy

C) need for affection

Regarding self-disclosure, which of the following statements is true?
a) depth refers to the range of topics you discuss with others
b) most relationships start out with high degree of self-disclosure
c) self-disclosure is highly reciprocal
d)men & women do not differ from each other in how disclosive they are

C) self-disclosure is highly reciprocal

According to social penetration theory, the ___ dimension concerns the number of topics disclosed whereas the ___ dimension concerns the level of detail in topics disclosed
a) breadth, depth
b) depth, breadth
c) range, penetration
d) penetration, range

A) breadth, depth

When Jon & Ernesto met in their English class, they were both hesitant to share much about their personal lives. As the semester progressed and they became better friends, they felt comfortable sharing more & more with each other. Which element of self-disclosure is reflected in their relationship?
a) self-disclosure varies in breadth & depth
b) self-disclosure must be intentional
c) self-disclosure follows a process
d) self-disclosure varies among relationships

C) Self-disclosure follows a process

This is an ongoing process of making meaning from the things we experience in our environment:


A number of factors affect the likelihood that we will notice a certain object in our environment. Which of the following was not mentioned in your textbook as something that can increase attention?

A) obscurity

A fellow student in one of your communication classes, Rose, starts acting particulary nice to you in the last couple weeks leading up to the first exam. Classmates have frequently treated you this want in the past in the hopes that you will help them study for upcoming exams. As a result, you are suspicious of Rose’s motives. In this scenario, you are likely basing your suspicions on:
a) personal experience
b) your knowledge of Rose
c) the closeness of your relationship with Rose
d) All of these

d) All of these

Which of the following statements is true with respect to perceptual accuracy?
a)our perceptions almost always reflect reality as it is, with minimal distortion
b) Culture may affect behavior but it does not usually influence perceptions of behaviors
c)Physiological characteristics, including our biological rhythms, affect perception accuracy
d) All of these statements are false

c)Physiological characteristics, including our biological rhythms, affect perception accuracy

Angela has just been promoted to department chair at the college where she taught. Although she treated everyone the same, several of the male professors in the department were put off by Angela’s request. As a result, the female professors thought of Angela as fair and equitable in her treatment, but the male professors began resenting her and openly challenging her position on several issues. The male professors probably treated Angela this way because:
a)they were culturally insensitive to Angela’s professional postion
b)they perceived Angela’s professional position as masculine & socially threatening
c)they are physiologically opposed to angela’s professional position
d)they were prejudice against angela because of her professional position

B) they perceived Angela’s professional position as masculine & socially threatening

Frankie believes that he got into graduate school ad the university because he is a good student. Jolie believes that she was not accepted for admission to the university because she is an out of state student. Frankie & Jolie are both engaging in which of the following?
a)halo & horn affect
b) attributional reasoning
c) self-serving bias
d) errors in judgment

C) Self-serving bias

Which of the following sequences accurately depicts the process of stereotype formation?
a)identify group membership –> apply generalization –> act on prejudice
b)identify group membership–> act on prejudice –> form group generalization
c)identify group membership–> recall group generalization –> apply generalization
d)identify group membership–> recall group generalization –> act on prejudice

C)identify group membership–> recall group generalization –> apply generalization

Rick & Jamie recently started dating. To commemorate their first month as a couple, Rick surprised Jamie when he picked her up to work in a rented limousine with floor-level tickets to a concert. After the show, Rick was very upset because Jamie would barely speak to him. Jamie was also upset because she was planning on surprising Rick with a quiet dinner at home. After two dates of angry fighting, the couple broke up. What was likely at the root of this conflict?
b)negativity bias
c) altercentrism
d)perceptual set difference

A) Egocentrism

Idealizing a romantic partner at the beginning of a new relationship is a common example of the ___ bias

C) positivity

Samantha was a fantastic softball player, but she rarely took credit for her success. Every time a reporter from the school paper would ask her for a quote. Samantha would say "I just got lucky today," or"their pitcher just gave me something
I could hit" Which of these likely factor into Samantha’s personality?
a)internal locus
b)external locus
c)negative attribution
d)self-serving bias

B) External Locus

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