Chapter 9.3 Performance Monitoring

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Which tool can you use to gather and display statistics that help you monitor the operation of a Windows system?

Performance Monitor

Your computer has a quad-core processor that supports multithreading installed. Given that the system is running Windows, how can you verify whether multithreading has been enabled?

Task Manager can display CPU utilization graphs for eight processors.

Your computer seems to be running slow. In particular, you notice that the hard drive activity light stays lit constantly when running multiple applications and switching between open windows, even though you aren’t saving large files.

What could you do to troubleshoot the problem?

Use Task Manager to monitor memory utilization. Use Resource Monitor to monitor memory utilization.

Drag each definition on the left to its corresponding performance counter on the right. Each definition may be used once, more thatn once, or not at all.

Disk Queue Length – The number of read and write requests that are waiting to be processed. Processor Utilization – The amount of time the processor spends performing non-idle tasks. Commit Charge – The amount of memory that has been assigned to running processes. Disk Time – The amount of time that the disk subsystem is busy reading from and writing to disk. Page File Usage – (leave blank) Memory pages per Second – The number of hard faults that occur each second.

You need to use task Manager to analyze memory utilization on a Windows system. For example, you need to see how much system RAM is currently in use and how much is available.


You recently installed several applications on a Windows system. After doing so, you notice that the system takes much longer to boot up. You suspect that the new applications include one or more helper applications that are automatically loaded when the system boots. To increase performance, you want to identify any such helper applications and disable them.


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