Chapter 9.1 Windows System Tools

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Which tool can you use to view (but not modify) hardware and configuration information for your computer?


You manage a Windows system. You want to view information about your computer including the CPU utilization and information about disk I/O operations. Which tools could you use to do this? (Select two.)

Performance Monitor Task Manager

What is the purpose of the dxdiag tool?

View information related to DirectX operation.

Which of the following is true of the Guest user account on a Windows system?

It is disabled by default

Which tool lets you automatically start an application or run a script based on triggers?

Task Scheduler

You have an application that renders videos used in your online business. You want to make sure that application continues to receive adequate attention from the system CPU, even if you open other applications. How can you adjust the amount of attention given to that application?

Use Task Manager to modify the process priority.

You have an application that you would like to run every Monday at 3 p.m. on your Windows workstation. Which tool would you use to configure the application to run automatically?

Task Scheduler

Which system utility would you use to troubleshoot hardware devices, examine and control the resources used by specific devices, and install updated device drivers?

Device Manager

Your Windows 7 client systems are joined to the domain. You need to verify that these clients are configured to get time from the correct time provider.

Which commands can you use to do this?

w32tm /query /status w32tm /query /source

You need to configure when Windows checks for and downloads updates from Microsoft’s update servers on a Windows 7 system. Which option in Control Panel should you use to do this?

System and Security

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