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By working in a series of positions with increasing responsibilities, the owner of Stonegate Gardens has built her interest in flowers and plants into _____.

a career

Asking yourself, "Who am I now?" is one way to help determine career plans that will fit your interests.


Andrea enjoys listening to music, going to the movies, and playing soccer in the backyard with her friends. These activities are considered Andrea’s _____.


Your _____ is the way you use your time, energy, and resources.


According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average American has had how many jobs before the age of 32?

at least eight

Luke is going to school to get a degree in Veterinary Medicine. He wants to work in an animal hospital after he graduates. Which of the following job options would be most beneficial to Luke’s career while he is going to school?

Work an entry level position at a veterinary clinic

Lois has been working as a cashier at FoodMart for the past 20 years. This would be considered a career.


Getting along with people, the ability to communicate with your peers, organizational skills, and being able to write well are all examples of _____.

transferable skills

Candice’s first job was at the grocery store making deli food. While in culinary school, she worked part time in a restaurant kitchen, and after finishing school, she found a position as a head chef. With her growing experience and advanced education, Candice has been able to _____.

move up the career ladder

Being able to drive a car is an example of a skill.


A compulsive worker may be identified by which of the following traits?

They insist on doing every project individually

Being promoted is likely to change your priorities because you will have _______.

New responsibilities to learn and people will expect much from you

If you focus on the present now, instead of focusing on your future concerns, you will be able to __________.

All of the above

Companies benefit from employee balance because, compared to poorly balanced employees, well balanced employees __________.

All of the above

Those who compulsively work are considered sick because compared to most people, they tend to _________.

Allow work to interfere with personal activities

Well balanced people are more productive employees.


It is impossible to adjust your personal time schedule once it is established.


When management fails to set priorities for work, employees tend to _______.

Assume each task is of equal importance

Each citizen has a list of actions which they may do freely. These are referred to as _____.


In which environment would you would be more likely to have home separated by acres of land and relative peace and quiet?


Two necessary expenditures which are leading inflationary indicators are _________.

Food and gasoline

A 401(k) account is very valuable because ______.

Money contributed to a 401(k) is not taxed

Upon retirement, some retirees save money by ________.

Moving to live with their children

One of the benefits to retirement is ___________.

The time to pursue one’s hobbies

A good file system depends on easy retrieval of information, so it is important that _______.

File labels are systematic and well organized

If a document will not be useful in the future, the proper way to treat it is to ______.

Trash it

What is the advantage of having only one inbox?

You never have to wonder if you are forgetting something

The organizational structure of the files and folders on a computer is the _______,

File directory

Neither paper nor electronic file names can be changed easily.


A good filing system shares all of the common characteristics of a _________.

Database — it must store information for easy access and retrieval

The limit for characters in modern file systems is too small to accommodate keywords in titles.


Making small talk at a meeting is a bad idea because ______.

It wastes a tremendous amount of time

To begin organizing yourself to accomplish all your tasks, you need to _________.

Write down all the jobs for which you are responsible

If a person attempts to watch a video lecture while studying an expense report, they are _______.


When you are at work, a period of time during which no tasks are scheduled is known as _______.


Most managers get very little uninterrupted time to work on their priority tasks.


When considering time management techniques, it is important to remember that ________.

Not all techniques work well for all people in all situations

Sending an e-mail to a client to ask for certain data is an example of a _____.

Two minute action task

Procrastinators will usually ________.

all of the above

The purpose of conflict resolution is to settle disputes without ______.

Hurting feelings

It is important to define the problem during conflict resolution because both parties ______.

Need to agree on the problem to solve it

One positive consequence of conflict is that people often ______.

Learn more about each other

Conflict in the workplace is ______.

Sometimes negative, sometimes positive

Jeremy wants to avoid conflict with his new coworkers. He should ______.

Treat them all with respect

It is important to keep the lines of communication open because it will ______.

Prevent negative emotions from building

Lincoln and Miller are both lawyers working for the same firm. Despite the fact that they have the same work experience and education, Miller is promoted to partner before Lincoln. Lincoln is upset he has been passed over and it begins to affect his relationship with Miller. This is an example of a conflict based on ______.


During the conflict resolution process, which of the followings statements would be appropriate when defining the problem?

"I feel like we are not communicating well."

In the end, businesses that use teams tend to have ______.

More profits

Which of the following would be a benefit of a cross-functional team?

A range of backgrounds enriches their work

What is the purpose of active listening?

To show your understanding of what others say

Which of the following is an example of a functional team?

Four architects working to complete plans for a new corporate office building in downtown New York

When workers make fewer mistakes and do better work, it reduces ______.

Waste and rework

An effective team would never have ______.

Unclear definitions of goals

A team suffering from resentment among team members should work on its ______.


Most people reject what they don’t understand because ______.

It challenges their own ideas

Accepting a person you do not agree with is an example of ______.


An arbiter is consulted when ______.

Neither side can agree to move forward

If something is new or unusual, most people’s first instinct will be to ______.

Reject it

If your coworker is making a quick private call, you should ______.

Ignore them, so you can concentrate on your work

When you have to talk to your supervisor about a problem, it is a good idea to offer your own ______.


It is impossible for those who have good intentions to have a cultural misunderstanding.


Identification with a group based on shared characteristics, including skin color, place of origin, cultural ties, and language is called ______.


Your coworkers and your supervisor both deserve the same ______.


Simplified and inaccurate beliefs about groups of people are called ______.


When will diversity effect the workplace?

It already does.

In order for team members to communicate effectively, they need the discipline to _______.

Listen first and speak second

If you are able to avoid offending people, you have ______.


Making a promise to deliver a product and making sure it happens no matter what shows ______.


Benjamin tells James at a company meeting that James has an unimportant job and still can’t do it correctly. Benjamin is being ______.


Imagine you are trying to improve your self confidence. You have set yourself up to make a speech to a convention in three weeks, even though the thought of doing it terrifies you. What is your best course of action?

Practice until you feel you can do it

A good communicator will focus on speaking and ______.


While Ken appreciates that as a result of his communication-based self improvement plan he will be a better person, he knows that the greatest benefit will be to ______.

Become a more effective worker

If Yolanda wishes to understand her coworkers more deeply, she should study their ______.

Body language

In order for team members to communicate effectively, they need the discipline to _______.

Listen first and speak second

If you are able to avoid offending people, you have ______.


Making a promise to deliver a product and making sure it happens no matter what shows ______.


Benjamin tells James at a company meeting that James has an unimportant job and still can’t do it correctly. Benjamin is being ______.


Imagine you are trying to improve your self confidence. You have set yourself up to make a speech to a convention in three weeks, even though the thought of doing it terrifies you. What is your best course of action?

Practice until you feel you can do it

A good communicator will focus on speaking and ______.


While Ken appreciates that as a result of his communication-based self improvement plan he will be a better person, he knows that the greatest benefit will be to ______.

Become a more effective worker

If Yolanda wishes to understand her coworkers more deeply, she should study their ______.

Body language

To maintain a good attitude and high self-esteem, evaluate and follow up only after interviews that were positive experiences.


If an employer agrees to give you constructive criticism of your interview performance, you need to listen carefully and take notes


Sometimes applicants are not hired solely because of a wrong impression the employer received during the interview.


A _____ is a document that thanks an interviewer and restates an applicant’s interest in the job.

thank-you letter

Accepting a job offer and then backing out of it for another job offer is considered _____.


Why is it important to carefully document an interview?

All of the above

Sending a thank-you letter can help to increase name recognition.


_____ is an important part of the interview process. It allows you to consider how you did in the interview, examining your strong and weak points.


Evaluating your performance after an interview can help you to improve for future interviews.


The process of sending and receiving messages with words defines _____.

verbal communication

One of the biggest mistakes you can make during an interview is failing to match the interviewer’s communication style.


You should always arrive to an interview _____.

on time

An interviewer can form a strong opinion of you within the first 30 seconds of meeting you.


When delivering a 60-second commercial in an interview, you should NOT:

Play a recorded version from your phone

It is a good idea at an interview to _____.

dress conservatively

The best way to convince employers of your skills and abilities is to _____.

offer proof by example in answering interview questions

The process of sending and receiving messages without using any spoken words defines _____.

nonverbal communication

During an interview you should be modest about your skills and abilities.


When an interviewer asks "Tell me about yourself", you should tell them about your childhood past.


In an interview, a tough question _____.

all of the above

The purpose of this category of interview questions is to learn about the interviewee’s personal attributes.

Character questions

You can learn everything you need to know about a company during an interview.


Conducting research about an occupation, company, or job can increase your employability.


All of the following information should be researched before a job interview EXCEPT _____.

the office dimensions

A job applicant should not ask questions during an interview.


Which of the following would be a good question for an interviewee to ask during an interview?

Do you have a training program for this position?

A practice interview should be seen as a learning experience.


When conducting a mock interview, it is not necessary to dress in interview clothing.


The interview is an informal meeting between the employer and the job applicant.


Employment assessments are only used during the hiring phase of employment.


A type of employment test that is used to determine if personal and behavior preferences match the position.


This interview type is used to determine which applicants have the necessary qualifications and will continue to the next level of interviews.

Screening interview

Which of the following people would be considered a gatekeeper?

All of the above

Indirect interview requests include of all of the following techniques EXCEPT:

Requesting an interview during a telephone call to the employer

It is always the interviewee’s fault if an interview is bad.


A(n) _____ is a consumer report that employers use to screen potential employees and check their credit, history, and legal status.

background check

A cover letter may be searched for keywords.


Which of the following subject lines would be best to use when applying for a position as a high school teacher?

Educator with 8 years of classroom experience

The only types of cover letters that do not need to be tailored to the recipient are networking letters.


Which of the following statements about electronic cover letters is true?

Cover letters that are sent electronically should always have a brief but informative subject line which catches the reader’s eye.

Which change should be made to the above cover letter excerpt before sending it to an employer?

The author should remove the background color from the letter

How long should an electronic cover letter be?

Approximately 150 words

Electronic cover letters are longer than traditional paper cover letters.


Electronic cover letters should still follow a business letter format, even though e-mail is a less formal type of communication.


The cover letter should _____.

introduce you to an employer

What part of the cover letter explains how the applicant’s qualifications meet the needs of the company?


Simone is writing a cover letter to Casey Jones, and is unsure of the employers gender. How should she address her letter?

Dear Casey Jones:

The main purpose of a cover letter is to:

Be called in for an interview

Which of the following is the best way to write a salutation in a cover letter addressed to Mr. Ravi Patel, Human Resources Manager, ABC Company?

Dear Mr. Patel:

In which part of a cover letter does the applicant explain the purpose of the letter?


Research shows that a passive close to a cover letter leads to more interviews.


You should be certain that your cover letter duplicates the exact same information found in your résumé.


What is the minimum number of different résumé formats that an individual should have prepared?


Which of the following résumés would most likely get thrown in the garbage?

A résumé on hot pink paper

Why is it important to take special steps to format an electronic résumé properly?

All of the above

Electronic résumés have an attractive, highly formatted appearance.


Small, family owned businesses usually require applicants to submit electronic résumés.


Design, content, and organization are all important to the overall presentation of your résumé.


An effectively distributed résumé will get an interview.


Before sending a résumé, you should always checked with the employer to see what operating system they use.


Which of the following statements best describes a person’s accomplishments following the résumé writing guidelines?

Coordinated school’s student-body elections and reduced final ballot processing time by 30%

Writing an effective résumé requires the author to select their wording very carefully.


Employers search résumés for keywords manually and electronically.


"Are you looking for a rewarding opportunity in management?"

The above statement is taken from a job advertisement. If Jessica is tailoring her résumé to this advertisement, which of the following words should she include, because it is most likely a keyword?


When creating your résumé, you should _____.

all of the above

Searching a résumé for keywords can be compared to searching the Internet when conducting research.


Keywords should never be repeated in a résumé.


Given the option of receiving a generic résumé or a tailored résumé, employers prefer generic résumés.


A specific job title would be an example of a keyword.


When selecting words to include in a résumé, they should be complex in nature.


The work experience section of a résumé should be listed in a reverse chronological order.


According to the above statement, what qualifications does the above applicant have to offer?

communication and organization skills

The information included in a résumé should always relate to the job objective; if it isn’t related, it shouldn’t be included.


An experience that would be listed in the "Other Experience" category would include _____.

all of the above

According to Fair Employment Laws, it is illegal to discriminate on the basis of _____.

all of the above

Alison knows e-mail is an important form of communication when seeking employment. She is going to create an e-mail account for her job search communications. Which of the following e-mail addresses would be most appropriate for Alison to use?

Your job objective should be vague so that it can be reused when applying for different jobs.


This résumé format focuses on an applicant’s work experience and education:


Including positive personal qualities on your résumé can help compensate for lack of paid work experience.


Work experience should always be listed before education on a résumé.


Other experiences should be included only if they are relevant to the job objective.


Which of the following headings should be included in your résumé?

all of the above

Another name for a functional résumé is a chronological résumé.


This résumé format focuses on the tasks or skills that an applicant can perform:


The education section of a résumé should list schools in order from _____.

most to least recent

An electronic résumé is a plain-looking document.


A word-processed résumé designed to be visually appealing is a _______.

Print résumé

Hand written résumés are still used frequently.


After an employer has narrowed down résumés, they usually bring in 10 or fewer applicants to interview.


A résumé can be delivered through _____.

all of the above

In order to scan résumés, employers will use a scanner which looks like a compact copy machine.


Web résumés are posted to the Internet in HTML format.


Which document provides a brief summary of an applicant’s personal information, education, skills, work experience, activities, and interests?


Which of the following statements about electronic résumés is false?

Electronic résumés should be saved in HTML format.

Web résumés allow you to include extra graphics and images that you would not include in a traditional résumé.


The appearance of a résumé can change drastically after it has been scanned.


Depending on your age and the state you live in, you may have to obtain a work permit before you can legally work.


This document shows that you are allowed to work in the United States:

work permit

Making a good first impression on potential employers is essential to securing employment.


If you do not have a Social Security number, you can apply for one.


When applying for a position, you can make a positive impression by _____.

all of the above

When compiling your list of references you should include _____.

the name, title, and contact information for each

You need a Social Security number before you can apply for jobs.


The Internet can be used to:

All of the above

A job search should be treated like a full time job.


School-to-work programs unite _____.

schools with local businesses

If you are interested in working for a specific company, what type of job site should you look at for opening?

Company site

Which of the following advertisements is most likely a legitimate job advertisement?

An advertisement that seeks candidates with specific skills and requests a résumé

Employers prefer to hire someone who has been referred to them, rather than a complete stranger.


Approximately 80% of all job openings are part of the hidden job market.


Temporary employment that can become permanent employment after a period of evaluation by the employer defines _____.

temp-to-hire work

School teachers, counselors, and job placement centers can help you _____.

identify job leads and set up interviews

Which of the following is an Internet job search "do"?

Pay attention to all directions before responding to job postings

Monica is interested in changing careers, and she needs to find a job Web site that lists careers from all industries. What type of job site would you recommend for her?

General job site

An event organized for employers to meet with job seekers is called a _____.

career fair

Business owners and managers prefer to hire people who are referred to them personally.


One benefit of networking is that it give job seekers an opportunity to practice communication and interview skills.


The most productive way to find a job lead is to ____.


Match the association type with the person that best fits the description: professional association

your doctor

Your networking contact list should be limited to family members.


Match the association type with the person that best fits the description: organizational association

the president of your gardening club

What is the typical relationship between a person’s network size and the number of job leads they have?

The larger the network, the more job leads available

Match the association type with the person that best fits the description: online association

someone who is active in your favorite Internet chat room

Once you make a career choice, it should never be changed.


Based on Tiffany’s personal career profile rating, her personal values and the career values of a social worker do not match well.


A personal career profile form evaluates two sets of data, _____.

personal information and career information

An apprenticeship involves _____.

hands-on experience in a skill

Long-term goals cannot be accomplished immediately.


Which of the following statements about short-term goals is false?

An example of a short-term goal would be "buy a house in 2 years."

If you are interested in joining the military, you can attend school _____.

all of the above

Ramona just complete several personal career profiles and is ready to make a career decision. Based on her career profiles, which of the following would be her best career decision?

Select the career that best matches her personal information

Most careers do not require training or education beyond high school.


When considering the education and training a career requires you must be aware of _____.

all of the above

Issac just completed his master’s degree in regional planning, if he wants to continue his education even further, he could pursue his _____ degree.


Financial assistance intended to aid students in reaching their educational goals is called _____.

financial aid

Graduate degrees in the fields of law, business, and medicine are considered to be _____.

professional degrees

According to the chart, which of the following career areas is NOT declining?

Information Services

A person with a _____ is expected to earn an average of $52,200 each year.

Bachelor’s Degree

If you do not complete high school, you are typically paid more than those who pursue post-secondary education


If you work 52 weeks/year and 40 hours/week, how many hours would you work in one year?


The older a Website is, the more credible it is.


An informal meeting with a person who works in a career that interests you is known as a(n) _____

exploratory interview

Websites whose URL’s contain tildes (~) are usually published by the government.


An example of a source would be _____.

all of the above

A librarian is often the best resource for finding information within the library.


There are pros and cons for doing temp work.


A source can be either primary or secondary.


Which of these sites would need additional investigation to check for reliability?

Jackson enjoys seeing the end result of his hard physical labor. The interest area that he should consider careers in would be _____.


Something you enjoy or want to know more about is a(n) _____.


When working on developing an ability, it is important to get feedback to know how you are doing.


Your _____ are the beliefs and principles that define who you are, shape attitudes and choices, and help set priorities


Someone who does not have an aptitude or ability in a career area is at a disadvantage if they select a career in that field.


Justine was interested in learning how to play the piano. She has been playing some basic songs, but still gets a lot of help from her teacher. What stage of ability development is Justine at?


Even though Yvonne is terrible at playing tennis, she could still consider it an interest of hers.


If someone has an aptitude for art, they should consider a job as _____.

a graphic designer

An ability and an interest are the same thing.


Ramona enjoys her job because she is able to help kids in an after school program. The work value Ramona feels strongest about is _____.

work with people

It is possible to possess elements of more than one learning style.


According to Gardner, intelligence can be measure by a person having _____.

all of the above

Being aware of your learning styles can help you _____.

all of the above

If it is easy for you to learn another language you have a(n) _____.

verbal/linguistic learning style

Being aware of your personality type is important, because some personality types fit a particular career better than others.


Jonathan enjoys working with numbers, recognizing patterns, problem solving. The learning style that best fits Jonathan is _____.


Your unique combination of attitudes, behaviors, and characteristics make up your _____.


Personality types in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator are defined by _____ categories, represented as letters.


If you like to spend time outdoors working with plants and animals, you have a(n) _____.

naturalistic learning style

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