Career Planning- Technology Basics

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The ability to reason well is necessary for modern workers because __________.

c. They will often have to solve problems with limited information

Being technologically literate requires being able to ______.

b. Use the most common operating systems (Windows and Apple OS)

In a situation where you cannot meet face to face with a coworker, who is responsible for making sure that your communication is easily understandable?

b. you are responsible

The increased ability to communicate and travel around the world has led to a phenomenon known as _________, where companies expand their markets across international borders.

a. Globalization

Teleconferencing allows workers from around the world to ______.

c. Communicate as if they were in the room together

As time goes on, technology is likely to _______.

a. Increase in complexity

Small businesses in the future will likely be ________.

a. Small and flexible

Few people will use your business’ Internet site to purchase products if they feel it is ______.

a. Not secure

Communication response time must be faster than in the past to succeed in the modern workplace.


Globalization concerns many workers because ________.

is NOT a. A competitive marketplace will allow them to buy cheaper goods

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