asexual and sexual reproduction with organisms

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Meiosis produces which cell type?


Which process produces a greater number of offspring?

chromosome duplication asexual reproduction gamete formation

Which is a disadvantage of asexual reproduction?

mutation accumulation

Which of these pairings is correct?

mitosis, part of asexual reproduction because it produces diploids

Which process can be described as two cell divisions, genetic variation, and haploid cells?


In which type of reproduction can cells divide through the process of mitosis?

chromosome duplication sexual reproduction asexual reproduction

The first correlation below shows the relationship between types of cell division. Below that is a correlation showing the types of cells that each type of cell division produces. Finish the bottom correlation based on the type of cells produced.

Mitosis: Meiosis
Somatic cell:

Gamete cell

Which statement best explains why meiosis produces haploid cells rather than diploid cells?

Haploid cells join to form an organism that has a complete set of chromosomes. Haploid cells join to form an organism that has double the number of chromosomes as the parent. Haploid cells join to form an organism that is genetically identical to the parent.

A cell contains the same DNA as its parent cell. This is a result of which process?


Which describes the four cells that are produced at the end of meiosis?

genetically different haploid cells

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