Art-Module 7

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The carving method

is all of these: a subtractive process, more aggressive than modeling, and more direct than casting.

The Indian sculpture Durga Fighting the Buffalo Demon is an example of

high-relief sculpture.

Four basic methods for making a sculpture are

modeling, casting, carving, and assembling.

The additive process of sculpture includes

both assembling and modeling.

Andy Goldsworthy uses ________ materials to create sculptures that are ________.

natural; ephemeral

The subtractive process involves


Relief sculpture is

all of these: not meant to be viewed in the round, not finished on all sides, and often used to decorate architecture.

In sculpture, what is the most popular modeling material?


Fired clay is sometimes called


Which of the following concepts conceives of a space and everything in it as a work of art?

installation art

The ________ process dates back to the 3rd millennium B.C.E.


Casting is known as ________ method.

an indirect

Sculptors will often create a "sketch" out of ________ to test ideas before proceeding to their medium of choice.


What is the key difference between the process of lost-wax casting as practiced in ancient times and that same process today?

Today, multiples can be created from the process.

________ is a sculptural process of bringing together individual pieces, segments, or objects to form a sculpture.


High-relief sculpture is different than low-relief sculpture in that

high-relief projects boldly from the background, and elements of high-relief may be in the round, unattached to the background.


All of these are the case: They did not believe in trying to influence people through images; they favored industrial and construction materials; and they attempted to offer a pure experience by letting the materials speak for themselves

Contrapposto (meaning counter poise or counterbalance) was developed by ________ as a pose for sculptures of the human figure.

ancient Greeks

The artworks of Christo and Jeanne-Claude are intended

All these answers are correct.

Serpent Mound and Spiral Jetty are known as


The sculpture The Scraper is an idealized figure from which civilization?


What separates the art object from the craft object?

There is no definite line.

Wood is not very durable because

All of these are the case: cold and heat distort it; water rots it; and insects can eat it away.

The Tree of Jesse is a work from

the golden age of stained glass.

The principal ingredient of glass is


Although the chemical composition of ________ changes when exposed to extreme heat, ________ doesn’t change chemically when its pliability is altered by heat.

clay; glass

The most common way to shape a hollow glass vessel is by


The work OneShot by Patrick Jouin for Materialise. MGX is a

plastic stool.

The Arts and Crafts movement came about as a reaction to

the Industrial Revolution.

Islamic cultures have focused a great deal of aesthetic attention on

carpets and rugs.

Industrial art as discussed by Gustav Stickley in The Craftsman

preceded the field of design; set about to design objects that could be machine produced; and encouraged cooperation between artists and manufacturers.

In weaving, the set of fibers that is held taut on a loom or frame is called

the warp.

Wood is a popular craft material because

it is abundant and relatively easy to work.

Which of the following is made from the sap of a tree?


The ancient Olmecs of Mesoamerica prized ________ for its translucence, which they associated with rainwater.



is when metal is shaped by hammer blows.

An archaeologist asked ________ to reconstruct an entire pot from a broken piece he had found, thus launching her career and the revival of Pueblo pottery.

Mar’a Mart’nez

The chair of Hetepheres

was well preserved by Egypt’s dry climate.

The secret of ____________ was discovered and perfected in China, and for hundreds of years potters elsewhere failed to duplicate it.


By far the fastest method of creating a hollow, rounded clay form is by means of the

potter’s wheel.

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