Artistic Achievements of the Renaissance

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Which best describes the images that Michelangelo painted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?

stories from the New Testament of the Bible
stories from the Old Testament of the Bible
lessons the Church wanted to teach
lessons Michelangelo wanted to teach


During the Renaissance, an artist who was considered a "Renaissance man" because of his expertise in several areas was

da Vinci.


A reason that Renaissance art looked different from Medieval art is that it was generally

created for the Catholic Church.
created for major political figures.
created for aspiring artists.
created for wealthy patrons.


How does the use of perspective affect the appearance of individuals in Renaissance paintings?

They appear to be flat.
They appear to be larger.
They appear to be closer to each other.
They appear to be three-dimensional.


A major theme present in Renaissance art, but not in Medieval art, is

the role of humanism.
the role of the Church.
the role of agriculture.
the role of patrons.


Study The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo.

One of the elements that makes the painting a major Renaissance work of art is

its use of biblical characters.
its use of realism.
its use of background cracks.
its use of color.


Compared with Medieval art, the purpose of Renaissance art was to

support the role of patrons.
support the role of the Church.
show the wealth of patrons.
show the wealth of the Church.


Compared with Medieval art, Renaissance art often appeared to be



Which best states how the use of perspective made Renaissance art appear different than Medieval art?

Perspective added colors to Renaissance art that Medieval art did not have.
Perspective added depth to Renaissance art that Medieval art did not show.
Perspective made Renaissance art seem larger than Medieval art.
Perspective made Renaissance art seem more religious than Medieval art.


Why were Renaissance artists influenced by ancient Greek and Roman temples and buildings?

The artists worked close to the temples and buildings.
The artists read books about the temples and buildings.
The artists traveled to visit the temples and buildings.
The artists saw paintings of the temples and buildings.


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