Articles Of Confederation

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Articles of Confederation

was the first attempt at establishing a new government

the articles of confederation were

a "fragile league of friendship" than firm union of states

articles of government created a government called a


central government derives all its power directly from the


the articles of confederation plan

created a unicameral, or single- chamber, congress each state had one vote no matter how big they were each state selected its own representatives, paid by them and were subject to recall at any time

congress would

make war and peace send and recieve ambassadors enter into treaties raise and equip a navy maintain an army by requesting troops from the states fix standards of weights and measures regulate indian affairs establish post offices

weaknesses under articles

1. congress did not have power to impose or collect taxes 2. congress did not have the power to regulate trade between the states or with other nations 3. congress could not force anyone to obey the laws it passed 4. congress could not forbid the states from issuing their own currencies 5. laws needs the approval of 9 out of the 13 states 6. amending or changing the articles required the consent of all of the states 7. central government did not have an executive branch 8. government had no national court system

accomplishments of the articles

1. see the nation through the revolutionary war 2. congress set up the "departments" whih set the precedent for our present day cabinet 3. established fair polic for the development of lands west of the appalachian mountains

under the articles of confederation the national government had the power to
a. negotiate treaties
b. collect taxes
c. establish a federal judiciary
d. enforce its laws
e. regulate interstate commerce

a. negotiate treaties

under the articles of confederation the national government could
a. regulate indian affairs
b. levy taxes
c. regulate commerce
d. establish a national judicual system

a. regulate indian affairs

If the United States were operating today under the Articles of Confederation, issues like the effect of acid rain on the environment would be handled by
a. Congress
b. The Executive branch
c. The Supreme Court
d. The individual states

d. the individual states

If the United States operating under the Articles of Confederation, which of the following issues would have to be handled by the states?
a. Arms reduction negotiations
b. Interstate commerce
c. Postal regulation
d. All of the above

b. interstate commerce

The framers of the Constitution all believed that one the primary functions of government is

a. Educating citizens
b. Protecting individual property rights
c. Protecting new immigrants from persecution
d. Expanding the borders of the nation
e. Ensuring that anyone accused of a crime has the right to legal representation

b. protecting individual property rights

The importance of Shays’ Rebellion to the development of the United States Constitution was that it

a. Revealed the necessity of both adding the Bill of Rights to the Constitution and creating a new system of checks and balances
b. Demonstrated the intensity of anti-ratification sentiment within the thirteen states
c. Indicated that a strong, constitutionally designed national government was needed to protect property and maintain order
d. Convinced the delegates attending the Constitutional Convention to accept the Connecticut Plan
e. Reinforced the idea that slavery should be outlawed in the new Constitution

c. Indicated that a strong, constitutionally designed national government was needed to protect property and maintain order

congress had

no power to tax no power to regulae commerce among the states or with foreign countries no ability to ensure the value or unity of money no power to post or regulate duties or tariffs

no executive

no one to implement and enforce laws no one to coordinate foreign policy no one to ensure compliance with the treaty of paris that ended the revolutionary war

no judiciary

disputes among states about borders could not be addressed adequately in state courts neither could trade disutes neither could disputes about the frontier and lands to the west

true or false
the articles of confederation declared the independence of the united states of america from great britain


true or false
the articles of confederation did not take effect until the thirteen states ratified them


true or false
the articles of confederation established terms under which thirteen seperate states would become the united states of america


true or false

members of the second continental congress proposed and wrote the articles of confederation

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