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Which Access 2016 view shows the contents of a table as a datasheet?

Datasheet view

Each row in an Access table datasheet displays which of the following?

a record

Each column in an Access table datasheet represents a ____.


The specific content of a field is referred to as the ____.

field value

Which term identifies a field that appears in two separate tables and may be used to connect records in the separate tables?

common field

What is the purpose of the primary key?

to uniquely identify each record in a table

Which Access 2016 view contains commands used to manage Access files and options?

Backstage view

Another term used for the column selector feature is ____.

field selector

Which Access database object asks a question about the data stored in a database and displays specific fields and records that answer the question?


Which view is used to make design changes to a form while the form is displaying data?

Layout view

What function does compacting an Access database perform other than reducing the file size?

repairing the database

Which of the following is the file extension used for Access 2016 database files?


Experienced database developers avoid using spaces in field names and object names because names with spaces might cause errors if the objects are involved in ____.

programming tasks

Which data type allows field values to contain letters, digits, and other characters?

Short Text

When copying and pasting records from one table to another, the records must first be copied to the ____.


____ is the default name for a new table in an Access database.


The ____ property allows the database designer to explain the purpose of a field or how a field is used.


A field used to connect one table logically with another table is called a ____ field.


When choosing field names, it is best to choose names that ____.

describe the content or purpose of the field

The default character length for the Short Text data type is ____ characters.


The ____ data type only allows a field length of 1 character and is used to indicate the presence or absence of acondition.


Which of the following is the most logical data type to use if a field will contain long comments or explanations?

Long Text

Which symbols would be used to create a custom date format that would display July 4, 2016 as 7/04/16?


A custom date format set for a Date/Time field that contains the symbols mmm/dd/yy would display the date as____.


Which data type would be most logical to use for a field named BillPaid to indicate if an invoice has been paid?


A field in an Access database table that has no value is determined by Access to have a ____ value.


Changing the order of fields in a database table is an example of changing a table’s ____.


The common field between two tables in the Relationship window is indicated by a(n) ____.

join line

By choosing the Definition Only option in the Import Objects dialog box, the ____ of a table is imported, but notthe ____.

structure, data

A relationship between Access tables that is a relationship between one record in the first table and zero, one, ormany records in the second table, and at least one record in the second table matches at most one record in thefirst table, is defined as a ____ relationship.


Results of a query may be viewed at any time by clicking the ____ button in the Results group on the Ribbon.


The process of adding, modifying and deleting records in a database to keep the records current and accurate is referred to as ____ a database.


Which view must be used to delete an entire record?


A query based on more than one table is a(n) ____query.


Queries based on more than one table, must have a ____ field.


A field with the Short Text data type sorted in descending order will display the data in which order?

Z to A

The comparison operator, < >, is used to insert a condition that means ____.

not equal to

In the criterion, <=250, the operator will return values for the specified field that are ____.

less than or equal to 250

Date criteria are automatically enclosed in ____ when entered in a query design.

number signs

A combination of database fields, constants, and operators that are used to perform a calculation is called a(n) ____.


Which aggregate function would be used to calculate the lowest field value for the selected records?


To add a row labeled "Total" to a query design click the ____ button in the Show/Hide group on the DESIGN tab on the Ribbon.


____ is the default entry for each field in the Total row of the query design grid.

Group By

Which comparison operator matches a pattern that includes wildcards?


Statistical information such as totals and averages is calculated using ____.

aggregate functions

Data in a form may only be modified in ____ view.


A ____ is a placeholder used in a search when the search should start or end with a specific character or match a particular pattern.

wildcard character

A form created from two tables that have a ____ relationship creates a main form and a subform.


A report formatted where the page is taller than it is wide is formatted in ____.

portrait orientation

Data in Date/Time fields are automatically ____-aligned.


Formatting used in a report that is applied to certain field values depending on the conditions set for the values is____ formatting.


Which Access database object is best to use for the basis of a report when specific criteria must be applied to the report?


Data in a form created from the primary table is contained in the ____.

main form

It is often easier to maintain data in a datasheet using a form because all changes for a ____ are the focus atone time.

single record

A wildcard character used as the first and/or the last character in a character string to match any number ofcharacters is the ____ character.


The ____ function tests a condition and returns one of two values; the function returns the first value if the condition is true and the second value if the condition is false.


The standard naming convention prefix tag for a query used to identify the object type is ____.


The ____ comparison operator is used to select records by matching field values specific to a pattern that includes one or more wildcard characters.


Which of the following pattern match selection criteria would return zip codes with the characters 704 in the first three spaces.

Like "704*"

Which comparison operator defines a condition with a list of two or more values for a field and includes records when the field matches one value form the list in the query results?


Which of the following is an example of a parameter query prompt criterion?

[Type the State:]

To add more flexibility and functionality to a parameter query, comparison operators, such as ____, may be added to the original criterion.


A Social Security Number which appears in the format 123-45-6789 is an example of a(n) ____.

predefined input mask

To avoid the display of a security warning when opening a database, place the database ____.

in a trusted folder

It is a good idea to ____ the database before using compact and repair to keep the database safe from hardware and software malfunctions.

make a backup copy of

When creating an input mask, the ____ input mask character is used to indicate that the following character will be a literal display of that character.


Which query wizard allows the user to choose the field that will be calculated for each row and column intersection?

Crosstab Query Wizard

Which type of query would show results indicating two different student ID numbers have been assigned to the same student?

find duplicates query

Which Access object(s) may be used when creating a lookup field to select values?


You can define a condition with a list of two or more values for a field by using the ____ comparison operator.


The Layout view of the Design view may be used to create a ____ form.


A control that combines the features of a text box and a list box is a ____

combo box

A customizable form that displays multiple records from a source table or query in a data sheet format may be created using the ____ form tool.

Multiple Items

Which form tool displays data in both Form view and Datasheet view at the same time?

Split Form

Which view or tool allows the form designer the most control and precision when designing a form?

Design view

A value that is the result of an expression is displayed in which type of control in a form?


Which property must be set to Yes in the Property Sheet to display a control or a section in the form?


Titles, instructions, command buttons, and other controls added to the bottom of a form and that remain on the screen when the form is displayed in Form view or Layout view are added to the ____ section of the form.

Form Footer

To find records in a form using a Combo box, it is necessary to change the ____ form property of the form to the table or query that is the source for all the bound controls in the Detail section.

Record Source

A form created from related tables usually consists of a ____ table which is the "one" side of the one-to-many relationship with a subform.


The number of occurrences of an expression is determined using the ____ function in a form or report.


To avoid typing errors when creating a more advanced expression for a calculated control, it is a good idea to use this Access feature.

Expression Builder

Text that appears in a ScreenTip when the mouse pointer is positioned above a control in a form is determined by the ____ property.

ControlTip Text

The ____ refers to the order in which the focus moves from one control to another control when a user presses the Tab key.

tab order

A subform may be added to a main form by using the Subform/Subreport tool or by using the ____.

Subform Wizard

Which report view is the best to use to see what a report will look like when it is printed?

Print Preview

To modify a report while viewing actual report data, use the ____ view.


A text box that is too narrow to display the full field value will display the pound sign (#), which means the ____ of the text box must be adjusted.


A section that appears once at the beginning of a report and is used for report titles and company logos, among other elements, is the ____ section in Design view.

Report Header section

The ____ section appears at the bottom of each page of a report is used for page numbers and brief explanations of symbols or abbreviations, among other elements.

Page Footer

The text box property that allows the box to expand vertically to fit the field value is the ____ property.

Can Grow

Which section contains content that will appear at the top of every page of a report?

Page Header

Spacing and punctuation for mailing labels is determined by spacing and punctuation inserted in the ____ box.

Prototype label

Extra Light and Semi-Bold are examples of which feature available in the Label Wizard?

Font weight

Which option will allow you to increase the height of the Page Header using the mouse?

drag the Page Header border down to the desired height

To generate the most readable format for a table exported to HTML, always select the ____ option from the available export options.

Export data with formatting and layout

Values in a CSV file are separated by which symbol?

, (comma)

The form control that appears in the Access window with tabs at the top is the ____ Control.


A chart created with the Access Chart Wizard is ____ in Access.


The ____ tool is used from the Controls group on the Design tab to create a chart based on field data from an Access table or query.


Access uses ____ as the source program to create a graph when the Chart Wizard is used.

Microsoft Graph

While editing a chart in Microsoft Graph, properties of any chart control may be accessed by double-clicking the ____.


Which Excel external data option automatically updates a table in the Access database when the Excel source file is updated?

link to the data source by creating a linked table

Which type of file may be used to export an Access report and reduce the file size to minimize downloading time?


Access offers the option to use the first row of a linked Excel spreadsheet containing column headings as ____ for the table in the database.

field names

A make-table query is a(n) ____ query that creates a new table by copying records from one or more existing tables.


An action query that changes selected field values form selected records in one or more tables is a(n) ____ query.


A(n) ____ query adds records from existing tables or queries to the end of another table.


Many-to-many relationships are created using a third table that forms ____ relationships with the two original primary tables.


A one-to-many relationship is formed when two tables are joined using ____.

a common field

When each record in the first table matches at most one record in the second table, and each record in the second table matches at most one record in the first table, a(n) ____ relationship exists between the two tables.


Which of the following table names would appear in Design view to indicate a table being used in a self-join relationship and distinguish it from the first instance of the table in the relationship?


A(n) ____ value is not allowed in an index if the setting for the Primary property is Yes.


A multiple-field index must be created using ____.

the Indexes dialog box

Records deleted using a Delete query may not be restored by using the ____ command.


An Access action that finds the first record (or the next record, if the action is used again) that meets specified criteria.


The development environment in Access that is used to create, view, and modify macros is the ____.

Macro Designer

A button that performs an action when the user clicks on the button is a(n) ____ button.


Which macro feature is used to run a macro one step at a time to verify that arguments are correct and the macro runs appropriately?

single step mode

Using VBA code, a group of statements may be created that set the event property value to the name of that group of statements; Access will then execute an event ____ when the event occurs.


Most database developers prefer to prevent inexperienced database users from using which type of query?


Which of the following describe the five SQL statement types?

select, update, delete, insert, create

In a SQL SELECT statement a field name enclosed in square brackets like this [Last Name] most likely refers to which of the following field names from the selected table?

Last Name

Access 2016 provides ____ predefined layouts for navigation forms with different layouts for the placement of tabs and subtabs.


When Access opens a form or report, the ____ event occurs.


VBA procedures are created, modified, and displayed in the ____ window.


Visual Basic for Applications is a(n) ____ provided with Microsoft Office programs.

programming language

Which of the following is a type of VBA procedure?


VBA code is created and modified using the ____.

Visual Basic Editor

Which of the following color options may be assigned to a control property as a VBA constant?


The Immediate window allows the developer to test or ____ individual lines of VBA code.


A control is not displayed when the Visible property is set to ____.


Color values for controls may be coded in several different ways. Which type of color value represents color intensities of red, green, and blue instead of the color values ranging from 0-255?


A comment line in the Code windows is indented and appears in the color ____.


Which VB constant used in conjunction with the StrConv function will convert all characters of a string to upper case letters?


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