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What function does compacting an Access database perform other than reducing the file size?

repairing the database

This icon mc028-1.jpg represents which Access 2016 object?


In the accompanying figure, which number corresponds to the datasheet selector which selects all records in a table?


The specific content of a field is referred to as the ____.

field value

Which term identifies a field that appears in two separate tables and may be used to connect records in the separate tables?

common field

This icon mc029-1.jpg represents which Access 2016 object?


Another term used for the column selector feature is ____.

field selector

Which of the following terms describes the Access feature that allows a user to size a column in datasheet view so that the column is just wide enough to display the longest visible value in the column?

best fit

Which Access feature provides information about Access commands and features and instructions about how to use them?

Access Help

Which of the following is an Access 2016 database object?


When copying and pasting records from one table to another, the records must first be copied to the ____.


Which Access 2016 view shows the contents of a table as a datasheet?

Datasheet view

Which of the following is the file extension used for Access 2016 database files?


Using the accompanying figure, which Ribbon group and button would be used to create a new record in an Access database table?

Records group, New button

The accompanying figure shows the first dialog box for the ____ Wizard.

Simple Query

Each column in an Access table datasheet represents a ____.


Each row in an Access table datasheet displays which of the following?

a record

What is the purpose of the primary key?

to uniquely identify each record in a table

This icon mc027-1.jpg represents which Access 2016 object?


Which Access 2016 view contains commands used to manage Access files and options?

Backstage view

Which button is used to open and close the Navigation Pane?

Shutter Bar Open/Close

In the accompanying figure, the Table Tools tab is an example of this type of tab that appears and provides options for working with a specific object when the object is selected.

contextual tab

Which Access database object(s) might be used to enter, edit, and view records in a database?


Which Access database object asks a question about the data stored in a database and displays specific fields and records that answer the question?


Which view is used to make design changes to a form while the form is displaying data?

Layout view

Data organized as a collection of tables creates this type of data system.

relational database management system

All data in a database is contained in which database object?


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