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A formatted printout (or screen display) of the contents of one or more tables or queries is a(n) form.


Which button is used to open and close the Navigation Pane?

Shutter Bar Open/Close

In a relational DBMS, a user may create a database structure that contains which of the following?

fields, tables, and table relationships

Which two keys on the keyboard allow an Access user to move the insertion point to the next field to the right in datasheet view when entering data?

Tab, Enter

What function does compacting an Access database perform other than reducing the file size?

repairing the database

The F6 key toggles the Access table workspace between the Table Design grid and the Field Properties pane.


It is important that data being imported from a text file into Access are separated by a character, such as a comma, which defines the text file as a(n) ____ text file.


Formatting Date/Time fields changes only the way data is displayed, not the field ____.


In the accompanying figure, the top portion of the table window indicated by the red bracket is the ____.

Table Design grid

The ____ data type only allows a field length of 1 character and is used to indicate the presence or absence of a condition.


The query results are stored in the database in which the query has been created.


Which data type allows field values to contain letters, digits, and other characters?

Short Text

In the accompanying figure, the Table Tools tab is an example of this type of tab that appears and provides options for working with a specific object when the object is selected.

contextual tab

Which of the following is the file extension used for Access 2013 database files?


What is the purpose of the primary key?

to uniquely identify each record in a table

In order to define table relationships, each table being joined must contain a common field.


The ____ property allows the database designer to explain the purpose of a field or how a field is used.


In the accompanying figure, which button on the ribbon should be used to add a table to the Relationship window?

Show Table

In the accompanying figure, the field size is set to ____.


In the accompanying figure, fields inserted into the table using the Address Quick Start fields will be inserted prior to the ____ field.


It is not possible to create a query from more than one table


Which view must be used to delete an entire record?


To add a row labeled "Total" to a query design click the ____ button in the Show/Hide group on the DESIGN tab on the Ribbon.


The process of adding, modifying and deleting records in a database to keep the records current and accurate is referred to as ____ a database


Which keyboard shortcut selects the first field value in the first record when in Navigation Mode?


A form created from more than one table uses the primary table for the main form.


In the accompanying figure, arrow number 1 identifies the button which indicates the form is displayed in ____ view.


A wildcard character used as the first and/or the last character in a character string to match any number of characters is the ____ character.


To print two records from a form, select the ____ option in the Print dialog box.

Selected Record(s)

A ____ is a set of field values for a record that is found in a table related to the primary table on which a report is based.

detail record

The default query type for Access is the Crosstab query.


The ____ command removes the display of one or more fields in Datasheet view.

Hide Fields

In the accompanying figure, how is the Match type specified to find the characters "1638"?

entire field value

In the accompanying figure, which field is the secondary sort field?


A calculated field is formatted using the ____ for the field.

Property Sheet

Clicking the < button moves all fields from the Available Fields box to the Selected Fields box using the Report Wizard.


One ____ available for specifying conditional formatting in a report is "Check values in the current record or use an expression."

rule type

In the accompanying figure, the fields indicated by the green brackets are fields to be included in the ____.


A form created from two tables that have a ____ relationship creates a main form and a subform.


Formatting used in a report that is applied to certain field values depending on the conditions set for the values is ____ formatting.


The + symbol is an example of a _ operator


Based on the criterion for the birthdate field in the above image, the query will return all patients with a birth date _

on or before 12/31/1956

A calculated field created in a query generates results when ________

when the query is run

Data may be sorted in a table data sheet, a form, and a

query datasheet

The criteria entered in the figure above are an example which logical operator?


The default group in the navigation pane is

all access objects

An advantage of ____ software is its ability to run more than one operating system on a computer

virtual machine (VM)

An Access feature available from the FIELDS tab that allows the user to add a group of related fields to a table at the same time

data type gallery

The Access option that deletes a record in the primary table and also deletes all records in related tables that have matching foreign key values

cascade delete related records option

The accompanying figure illustrates the ____ view which allows the user to modify a table structure.


After choosing the two tables for the new query, Ja’nice must relate the two tables using a common field. What is the common field between the two tables?

customer ID

After reviewing the form Sergio decides he wants to create a form that will allow Carmen to enter both the participant information and the amount due by the participant. Sergio will need to use two tables to accomplish this. The second table will be the ___ in the form


All data in a database is contained in which database object?


All of the following are common kinds of multicore processors EXCEPT _____.


A(n) ____ allows others besides the manufacturer to develop software to run on the system or device.


A(n) ____ is a company that provides a subscriber with access to the Internet.


A(n) ____ is a set of instructions or statements to the computer

computer program

A(n) ____ license can be used anywhere on a college campus


The arrangement of records sorted in a datasheet is ____________________ unless the datasheet is saved as a table.


ASCII is the encoding standard used to represent _____ in digital form

keyboard characters

By choosing the Definition Only option in the Import Objects dialog box, the ____ of a table is imported, but not the ____.

structure, data

____ can be applied to more than one webpage, producing a website with a consistent design and appearance.

Cascading Style Sheets

____ categories may be created to group objects in a way best suited to manage any database in the Navigation Pane.


Caution should be used when deleting an entire record in Form view because the record will also be deleted in the form’s underlying table.


Changing the order of fields in a database table is an example of changing a table’s ____.


Clicking or tapping on a(n) ____ file will start up a program.


Cloud computing is not possible without _____

an Internet connection

Compacting a database rearranges the data and objects in a database to decrease its file size.


Which record modification mode is used to insert or delete characters in a field value based on the location of the insertion point?

editing mode

Access database objects are divided into categories on the Navigation Pane


Access may base queries on one or more tables or queries


Arithmetic operations are performed on selected records in a database using Statistical functions.


The auto filler sort method works on a(n) _____ field(s)


A combination of database fields, constants, and operators that are used to perform a calculation is called a(n) _____


The comparison operator, <>, is used to insert a condition that means _______.

not equal to

The contents of query datasheet are permanent


A criterion, or rule, that determines which records are selected when a query is run is called a(n) _______.


Data may be sorted in a table datasheet, a from, and a ______

query datasheet

Expression Builder is found in the query Setup group on the DESIGN tab


A field with the Short Text data type sorted in descending order will display the data in which order?

Z to A

In the criterion, <=250, the operator will return values for the specified field that are ______

less than equal to 250

The primary key of a table must be unique for each record; however, the _______ sort field does not have to be unique


The process of rearranging records in a specified order or sequence is referred to as sorting


A query based on more than one table is a(n) _____ query

multi table

Results of a query are narrowed by using the Or logical operator


Results of a query may be viewed at any time by clicking the _____ button in the Results group on the Ribbon


A sort field is unique if more than one record can have the same value for the sort field


To toggle between navigation mode and editing mode press the F2 keyboard shortcut


To use an existing query as the basis for a new query. It is necessary to ____ the query before designing the new query


When a question is asked of a database using a select query, the answer is returned as a datasheet


Which aggregate function supports the Yes/No field data type?


Which aggregate function would be used to calculate the lowest field value for the selected records?


Which comparison operator matches a pattern that includes wildcards?


Allows field values containing letters, digits, spaces, and special characters. Use for long comments and explanations

Long text

Allows field values containing letters, digits, spaces, and special characters. Use for names, addresses, descriptions, and fields containing digits that are not used in calculations.

Short text

Allows you to define or modify a table structure or the properties of the fields in a table

Design view

Asks Access to compare the value in a field to the condition value and to select all the records for which the condition is true

Comparison Operator

An attribute of data describes a person, place, object, event, or idea


A collection of related fields


A collection of related records


A collection of related Tables


A criterion, or rule, that determines which records are selected


Displays the table’s contents in rows and columns, similar to a table that you create in a work document or an excel spreadsheet


Exists between two tables when one record in the first table matches zero, one, or many records in the second table, and hen one record in the second table matches at most one record in the first table

One-to-many relationship

A field description property can be up to ____ characters long


A formatted print out (or screen display) of the contents of one or more tables (or queries) in a database


List all the objects (tables, reports, and so on) in the database, and it is the main control center for opening and working with database objects

Navigation Pane

The "many" table in a one-to-many relationship

Related table

The "one" table in a one-to-many relationship

Primary table

Provides information about the program or open file, as well as buttons for working with the file.

Status bar

Provides operations for creating various database objects, including tables, forms, and reports. The options appear on the tab grouped by object type

Create Tab

Provides the main Access commands organized by task into tabs and groups


A question you ask about the data stored in a database


A set of rules that Access enforces to maintain consistency between related tables when you update data in a database

Referential Integrity

Access does not allow data to be imported from sources other than another Access database


Access does not require a field description for every field included in a table.


Access does not require a table to have a(n) primary key


Access reports printing options may be changed using the Navigation dialog box


A database or a relational database is a collection related tables


A form layout is a set of controls grouped together in a form or report that can be manipulated as a single control


A form’s object name appears on the tab for the form in the Access window


A key or combination of keys that complete an action more efficiently than using the mouse is called a(n) keyboard shortcut


All fields in a database should be contained in one table


A query is used to enter, edit, and view records in a database


A question asked about the data stored in a database is called a primary key


A single characteristic or attribute of a person, place, object , event, or idea is a(n) table


A table is pre designed database that includes professionally designed database objects


Changes made to a field in a query datasheet updates the same field in the table on which the query is based


Data redundancy should be avoided because it wastes storage space and might cause inconsistencies within the database.


Each record in a table is uniquely identified by a foreign key


Expression Builder is found in the query setup group on the DESIGN tab


Field values edited in form view are also changed in the form’s underlying table


Hiding a field in Datasheet view removes the field from the current table


It is more efficient to use the Query wizard for common, informational queries than to design your own query


Layout view shows both the form and its data while allowing the form to be modified


Relationship integrity is a set of rules used by Access to maintain consistency between related tables when data in either table is update


Reports fields and field value boxes may be re positioned while viewing the report Layout view


The Data Type Gallery, which allows the entry of groups of fields using the Quick start selection, is only available in Datasheet view


The default arrangement for data in a report created from two or more tables or queries is that data is grouped by field


The field name displayed in database objects, including forms and reports is determined by the caption property


The number of the currently selected record in a table and the total number of records in the table are displayed in the current record box which appears between the two sets of navigation buttons on a datasheet


The only option available for creating tables in Access is to use the datasheet view


The tabular and Justified form report Layouts display the fields from multiple records at one time


When a form is created based on two or more tables, a relationship must be defined between queries


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