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If the web services on the server are down where in the path between the sender and recipient will the communication fail?

OS level on recipient unable to pass traffic

The Packet InterNet Grouper command sends a series of echo requests to the target. The responses indicate the condition of the target and the connection statistically. What would you type to see if the address is reachable?

ping -a

Which AMD socket type has 905 holes for pins (PGA)?


This twisted -pair cable type can operate at frequencies up to 600 MHz.


Your processor contains four ALUs. Four L1 and four L2 Cache, A single I/O unit and a single Control unit.

Quad core

You are installing a Pentium LGA 1150 processor. After inserting the processor there is a silver hinged plate and a lever. What is the correct term for the plate?

Load Plate

How would the front panel motherboard connector for the Power Indicator be labeled?


Which wireless standards does NOT operate at the 5.0GHz frequency?


An inkjet printer output is streaked. What would you do?

Clean the print heads

All PCI-X revisions are backward compatible with conventional PCI cards with this exception.

5 Volt

For which processor does Intel recommend using a liquid cooling system?


Which of the following constitutes a domain name?


This magnetic hard drive component controls the speed and rotational stability inside the unit.


When you remove an expansion card you are advised to do all but which of the following?

Rock card from side to side

Best described as the proportional relationship between width and height. For example a resolution of 800 by 600 (800×600) demonstrates an _________ of 4 by 3 (4:3).

Aspect ratio

How many physical disks are required to implement RAID 5?

3 or more

This technology measures key parameters of a drives performance like spin up time on a magnetic drive or the number of write operations on an SSD, which would help predict when a failure will occur.


A good processor cooler consists of which of the components shown?

A heat sink and Fan

Solid state drives uses these to store data.

NAND flash memory

You are building your dream machine. Your main hard disk has the capability to use either the Molex connector or a Molex to SATA adapter. What do you do?

Use the SATA adapter

How can the unequal static voltage that is present on a person and a machine be equalized

Grounded workbench ESD strap Touch the case All choices apply ESD gloves

This protocol enables remote connections to a computer and allowing control.


Which two of the following processors is NOT part of the Intel family?

Atom Celeron Phenom(this one) Pentium Core

Compressed air is best used for which of the following?

Blowing dust out of PC and keyboard.

A user�s hard drive is making a whining noise when powered up. What should you do after talking to them?

Back up the data.

How would the front panel motherboard connector for the Power Indicator be labeled?


Which of the AMD socket types listed has 941 holes for pins (PGA)?


The first four steps of laser printing use the printer components that undergo the most wear. To make the printer last longer, these steps are done inside a removable _________ that can be replaced.


In the processor chip, registers work in way very similar to which of the following?


You have booted to the Windows 8 installation media to check your memory. What is your first choice in order to get to the diagnostic tools?

Repair your computer

Windows refers to RAID 1 as this.

Mirrored volume

When disassembling a PC which part is removed first in the majority of cases?

Side Panel

When examining the properties of Intel chipsets which of the statements is most true?

The North Bridge and South Bridge use a hub architecture.

What is another term for updating the system BIOS?


A network that is bound by gateways or routers is considered a _______.


When you remove an expansion card you are advised to do all but which of the following?

rock card from side to side

Every network adapter, wired or wireless, gets this 6-byte address hard coded on it at the manufacturer.


When looking over your parts for a new PC build you notice that aside from the regular attachment points there four somewhat larger holes, one at each corner of the processor. What is the purpose of these holes?

Attach Cooler

This identifies the network value of an IP address and the host value.

Subnet Mask

When troubleshooting printer problems it is best to begin by ____________________

Eliminating any connection issues

Of the choices provided which has the highest maximum speed?

USB 3.0

The best way to use a ground strap is to attach it to the system case using ___________________

an alligator clip

When choosing fiber-optic cable for outdoor use this type of cable is generally used

Loose buffered

You have been given a replacement motherboard that measures 244mm X 244mm. What is the form factor of this motherboard?


Which was the first Intel processor to use lands as opposed to pins on the processor?


Which information does the fourth pin on a motherboard fan connector provide?


Most IDE or PATA systems can support a maximum of ____ devices.


You used the ipconfig command on your machine and it displayed an APIPA address. What does that mean?

Can�t reach DHCP server

What type of force is used to deposit toner on the paper in the laser printing Transfer cycle?


You are building a custom PC. Which components do you select first?

Motherboard and processor

How many physical disks are required to implement RAID 5?

3 or more

What system manages devices essential to boot before the OS loads?


A processor that contains two ALUs, one control unit and 8 registers would be classified as this type of processor

Dual core

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