A+ Chapter 18 Security Strategies – Mindtap (reviewing the basics quiz)

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Which of the following best describes a computer that has been hacked and the hacker is using the computer to run repetitive software in the background without the knowledge of its user?


What type of malware loads itself before the OS boot is complete?


Which BYOD policy might include the ability to perform a remote wipe on a device that is lost or stolen or when an employee is abruptly dismissed?


For which type of problem might you visit www.snopes.com?

email hoax

Which logon method is considered the most secure method?

requiring users to press Ctrl+Alt+Del

Why might a blank password be a better option than an easy-to-guess password?

because you cannot authenticate remotely using a blank password

Which of the following is an example of social engineering?


What command can you use to refresh local group policies without having to reboot the computer?


What hardware component is needed to set up BitLocker Encryption so that you can authenticate the computer?

TPM chip

Which of the following makes the data on a mobile device essentially useless to a thief?

full device encryption

What tool is best to use when destroying data on a SSD drive?

Secure Erase utility

What command can be used to launch the User Accounts or Network Places Wizard, which can be used to manage users and their passwords?


What does anti-malware software use to define or detect new malware?

malware signatures

Which of the following is the best example of a strong password?


What should a user do before they walk away from their computer in order to keep it secure?

press Win+L

Which window available from the Control Panel is used to require a Windows password to wake up a sleeping computer?

Power Options

Which of the following is an example of a security token transmits authentication to the system when the token gets in range of a query device?

RFID badge

Which anti-malware software is embedded in Windows 8?

Windows Defender

What does the Federal Copyright Act of 1976 specify?

one backup copy of software is allowed to be made

What should you do immediately if you find an infected computer that is connected to the network?

quarantine the computer

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