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Which Windows RE tool is considered to be the least intrusive?

Startup Repair

Which of the following symptoms might indicate that the MBR record is damaged?

Invalid Partition Table Error

Which Windows RE Tool Should Be Used If You Suspect The Hard drive Is Corrupted?

Command Prompt

What is the name of the program that reads the settings in the Boot Configuration Data (BCD) file and manages the initial startup of the OS?

Windows Boot Manager

T/F – A hard boot takes more time than a soft boot.


The command ____ searches for and replaces corrupted system files.

sfc /scannow

Which of the following keys will cause the Windows Boot Manager to appear as long as it is pressed during the boot process?


Which Option Should Be Enabled In Order To View What Did And Did Not Load During The Bootup?

Boot Logging

Which diskpart command is used to remove any partition or volume information from the selected disk?


What should be the first thing to try if the hard drive is not spinning at startup?

Check power connections and switches

T/F – There is no option for networking access when using Safe Mode.


It is important to try the ____ early in the troubleshooting session before it is overwritten.

Last Known Good Configuration

Which command is used to check and repair the hard drive?

chkdsk c:/r

Which of the following Windows RE commands can be used to scan for Windows installations not stored in the BCD?

bootrec /scanOS

Which key should be pressed during the boot in order to display the Advanced Boot Options?


T/F – A Windows 7 system repair disc can be created using the Backup and Restore utility.


T/F – As you work to solve a Windows problem, always choose the method that makes the most changes to the system as possible in order to rejuvenate the machine.


Which Program Is Used To Start The Part Of The Win32 Subsystem That Displays Graphics?


Name the Windows RE command that can be used to manage hard drives, partitions, and volumes.


Which program is responsible for reading motherboard settings and running the POST?

Startup BIOS

T/F – The Advanced Boot Options menu appears when a user presses F8 as Windows is loading.


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