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Which Windows utility can be used to monitor the performance of the processor, memory, and hard drive and save the monitored data in logs for future use?

Performance Monitor

Which Task Manager tab allows a user to see how much memory an application has allocated to it that is not available to other programs?


T/F – You do not have to be logged on as an administrator in order to use tools found in Computer Management.


Which registry key stores information that determines which application is opened when the user double-clicks a file?


T/F – Windows Task Scheduler can be set to launch a task or program at a future time, including at startup.


To find out if programs and services are slowing down Windows startup, boot the system in ____ and watch to see if performance improves

Safe Mode

Which Windows utility is used to control the Windows and third-party services installed on a system?

Services console

Where can a user find out more information about a hardware or network failure that occurred on that particular PC?

Event Viewer

Which Task Manager tab provides details about how a program uses system resources?


Which Task Manager tab provides details about how a program uses system resources?

System Configuration

T/F – The Windows shell is responsible for interacting with hardware.


Which tool should you consult to find information about a device or service that failed to start?

Event Viewer

Which Task Manager tab lists system services and other processes associated with applications, together with how much CPU time and memory the process uses?


Which Task Manager tab allows you to show processes from all users to verify no applications are running under that user account?


What is the term given to the individual tools in a console?


T/F – The Home editions of Windows 7 do not include the Local Security Policy or Print Management.


What is responsible for maintaining an index of files and folders on a hard drive to speed up Windows searches?

Windows indexer

Which Windows utility can be used to build your own customized console windows?

Microsoft Management Console

Which of the following is NOT a task you can perform with Task Manager?

restart a process

T/F – There is no undo feature in the Registry Editor.


Which Windows utility gives information about problems and errors that happen over time?

Reliability Monitor

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